illusion of safety - finite material context cover
My dog Winona died yesterday. This episode has nothing to do with that aside from the fact that I needed to do something to keep my mind off things.
00:00:00 Christopher Marlowe, with Frank Silvera as Dr. Faustus – Dr. Faustus (Part 1) (from The Tragical History Of Dr. Faustus)
00:00:17 Illusion Of Safety (Chris Block, Janie Bouzek & Kitty Bouzek) – Untitled [Side A] (from Finite Material Context)
00:23:07 Jed Speare – Mettle Of Metal (from Cable Car Soundscapes)
00:25:45 Jonathan Coleclough – Summand (from Period)
00:46:41 Tom Lawrence – Grand Canal Springs (from Water Beetles Of Pollardstown Fen)
00:46:55 Jamra – Armaggedon/Invocation (from The Second Coming)
00:51:10 Pelt – Untitled [Track 1] (from Untitled [2005])
01:01:43 TenHornedBeast – Christus Nox (from The Sacred Truth)
01:12:04 Natural Snow Buildings – Shall I Kill My Own Child, I Will Never Sing The Glory Of Satan (from Two Sides Of A Horse)
01:15:46 Hiroshi Yoshimura [吉村弘] – Time Forest (from Soundscape 1: Surround)
01:26:14 Harold Budd – Dark Star (from Abandoned Cities)

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2 comments on “Episode 138

  1. My deepest condolences, from one dog friend to another.

  2. MatKen Feb 17, 2023

    Sorry to hear you lost your dog. Stay strong in spite of it all!