Top 16 Metal Records Of 2017

I tried my best to keep this list to a round number, like an increment of 5, but I just couldn’t help it. There are 16 records that I needed to tell you about and I couldn’t cut a single one from the list.

There’s way more doom/sludge than I expected, and while I tried to branch out from the big labels, I couldn’t help it too much, so save for the couple self released ones, there’s not a lot of surprises on here. Doesn’t matter, though. IT’S ALL AWESOME.

Since the previous list (Top 10 (Not Drone Or Metal) Records) didn’t have embedded streams, I made a Spotify playlist due to popular demand. But when I went to make a playlist for this list, it was missing numbers 16, 12, 10, 4, & 3, because Spotify sucks and that was too many. So while I still made the playlist, I also embedded a streaming song for everything on this list. I also went back and did the same for the previous list.

As always: Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening. Thanks for making incredible music.

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Album Review

Ragana – All’s Lost (self released, 2012)

RaganaB.N.F. (self released)

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Two ladies from Washington that bring some serious fucking heaviness. Not sure if there’s a scene over there where this type of insanity is the norm and I just haven’t heard it yet, but All’s Lost is impossible to peg. They’re doing something totally original and it’s the fucking best. Some sort of black sludgy screamo garage that just melts my heart. Sweet hooks & melodies run through a fuzz filter, blistering screams, massive riffs next to atmospheric tremolo, blast beats forgone for everything but, depressing lyrics and a permeating darkness to knock it out of the park. Not really weird on a song by song basis but put together this is a wholly twisted beast. Best of all it’s cheap as shit. Digital is PWYW, tapes or CDs a mere $5, and they have some killer shirts for the same amount. I fuckin love these guys. Now just gimme some vinyl.