Edasi – Freddy Krueger Death Chant (KV&GR, 2011)

May 17, 2011

EdasiFreddy Krueger Death Chant (excerpt)

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to convey how totally fucking twisted Freddy Krueger Death Chant is. Edasi’s lineup is constantly shifting, but the core is a single dude from Estonia who has a deeeep hatred for Freddy Krueger stemming from Krueger’s “stupid” clothes, “lame jokes and that unconvincing evil laugh.” Inspired by voodoo rituals in Interview With A Vampire, Edasi made this record because he was hooked on “the idea of channeling your hateful resistance through the evil demonic music.”

Freddy Krueger Death Chant is a 75 minute track with the most fucked sounds and Edasi chanting in a caustic bubbling haunted whisper “Freddy Krueger, Freddy Krueger, burn in helllll” over and over again, with the occasional “Freddy fucking Kruger, Freddy fucking Krueger…” If the hypnotic lyrics weren’t enough, the music is INSANE, defying any and all levels of sub-genre. It’s black and relentless as fuck, a mess of skull fucking psych-noise, a gritty guitar blowing out spite, a drum beat that has no beat, high-end feedback skree, scratched & plucked acid strings, and a dozen layers of unrecognizable warped decay.

And it just keeps going. This is the longest 75 minute album I’ve ever listened to and definitely one of the most grating. I imagine he did this in real time without any looping, just jammed pure black psych for over an hour, then shot up with wolf blood and went into a trance attempting to conjure Satan and permanently send Krueger to hell with his death chant. I’m pretty sure there’s only one intended listener for this piece of filth, and it’s not you or me. Edasi says in his mission statement “it’s supposed to go on and on until the listener’s (hypothetically Freddy) senses are destroyed and his will and focus are lost.” It’s like witnessing a possessed beast holding a terrifyingly kvlt private seance, one we definitely shouldn’t be seeing but now that we’re here, there’s no fucking way we’re leaving.

P.S. New badass label alert! KV&GR is a small label devoted to bringing “the most underground and avant garde black metal, doom, dark ambient, drone, noise, kvlt and grim audio terrorism.” They put out some CRAZY releases. I also picked up a doomed black metal record with a knife and fucking power saw listed as instruments. They’re all limited and seem to go quick so keep a keen eye on that shit.

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