Haunter – Perishing Road (self released, 2013)

February 28, 2013

HaunterYarn Trails (self released)

Solo project of K. Arthur Miller, making some somber tunes out of drone, folk, and doom. Exceptional stuff, using all weapons at his disposal, quietly screaming Godspeed guitars, layered, processed, & rewound, delicate picking inside on a rainy day, lush washes of bliss, hushed echoes in haunted halls, a few moments of doomed & distorted crunch, all wrapped up in a dark, melancholic shroud, bright enough not to push you over the edge but gloomy in all the right order cialis usa ways, a melodramatic dance through fog with Death waiting for you on the other side, beautiful & depressing, the best kind of drone. Free if you want it to be so there’s no reason to pass over this, and seeing as this is his first proper full length, you might want to keep an eye on him.

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One comment on “Haunter – Perishing Road (self released, 2013)

  1. Really like this. I could never get the hang of writing drone music, just never had the patience I guess. Very soothing and beautiful to listen to.

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