A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (May 31, 2017)

Not sure why the Morricone song I played at the start of the show didn’t get recorded (it was just silence in the audio file), so apologies for that. Very excited about the Dracula reading alongside Deathstench & Phurpa and Aaron Dilloway. Also, why isn’t Clarence Ashley more famous?

A Thick Mist 2017/05/31

Background music: Prurient – There Are Still Secrets / Sugar Cane Chapel (from Bermuda Drain)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:04:13 Wormwood – I’d Rather Die (from Wormwood)
00:09:44 Clarence Ashley – Dark Holler Blues (from A Short Life Of Trouble)
00:12:42 Various – Music Of Downtown (The Ginza) (from Music From The Kabuki)
00:20:28 Richard Osborn – The Open Road (from Endless)
00:28:30 Talk break
00:31:32 Deathstench & Phurpa – Side B (from Evoking Shadows Of Death)
00:33:37 David Callum reading Bram Stoker – Jonathan Harker’s Journal (from Dracula)
00:45:42 Aaron Dilloway – Beggar Master (from Beggar Master)
01:03:23 Talk break
01:05:20 Subbulakshmi – Soga Suga (from The Sounds Of Subbulakshmi)
01:07:02 Concern – God, Weak And Quiet (from Misfortune)
01:13:43 Western Wind Vocal Ensemble – Pilgrim’s Farewell (from Early American Vocal Music: New England Anthems & Southern Folk Hymns)
01:16:47 Jean Eichelberger Ivey – Terminus (from Music By Jean Eichelberger Ivey For Voices, Instruments And Tape)
01:26:31 Talk break
01:29:51 Jacques Lasry – Chronophagie 1 (from Chronophagie: “The Time Eaters”)
01:31:17 Bell Telephone Laboratories – Side C (from The Science of Sound)
01:51:30 Xasthur – The Only Blood That Pours Is Yours (from Defective Epitaph)
01:59:24 Talk break
02:01:16 Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry – Life Is A Gamble (from A Long Way From Home)

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (May 24, 2017)

Back from the dead (I was sick last week, sorry). Particularly fond of the Sunn O))) & Ulver collab mixed with steam locomotives and Tara Jane O’Neil’s creepy minimal drone underneath kids talking about God and shit. Also I fucking love that Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song.

A Thick Mist 2017/05/24

Background music: Scuba Death – A Panic Rumbling Beneath (from The Worm At The Core)

00:00:00 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Hear Voices (from Screamin’ The Blues)
00:02:37 Talk break
00:05:21 Envy – A Road Of Winds The Water Builds (from Abyssal)
00:15:12 Mdou Moctar – Tahoultine (from Music from Saharan Cellphones, Vol. 1)
00:20:46 Sophia – Where Steel Meets The Flesh (from Unclean)
00:25:49 James Brewer – Why Did He Have To Go? (from Can’t Keep From Crying)
00:29:21 Talk break
00:32:36 Tara Jane O’Neil – Medusa Smack (from Circle Four: 100 Gongs For Arieto / Medusa Smack)
00:33:49 Tony Schwartz – Children And God / Nancy Grows Up / Sound Snapshots (from How To Record The Sound Of Children)
00:52:19 North Argentina musicians – Para Una Orejita De Tierra Cocida (from Danses Magiques Et Chants Millenaires De La Cordillere Des Andes)
00:55:52 Archivist – Mysterium Cosmographicu (from Construct)
01:01:12 Talk break
01:05:21 Angelo Badalamenti – Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do) (from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Score)
01:09:19 Woody Guthrie – Dust Pneumonia Blues (from Library Of Congress Recordings)
01:19:29 Popul Vuh – Had Mut, Bis Daß Die Nacht Mit Ruh’ Und Stille Kommt (from Cobra Verde Score)
01:21:21 Kaulaheaonamiku Kiona – Kau Ka Hali’a I Ka (Oli Chant) / Kahiki Lau Lane (Hula Pahu) / He Wahine Holo Lio (Hula Pa Ipu) / Pihanakalani (Hula Ka ‘Eke ‘Eke) (from Hawaiian Chant, Hula and Music)
01:28:52 The Last Poets with Bernard Purdie – Blessed Are Those Who Struggle (from Delights Of The Garden)
01:32:36 Talk break
01:35:57 Sunn O))) & Ulver – Eternal Return (from Terrestrials)
01:39:44 Side B (excerpt) (from Iron Horse Rambles)
01:51:22 Richard Skelton – Noon Hill Wood (from Landings)
01:59:25 Talk break
02:01:44 Bone Awl – Show Me / Will A White Face / Gray Heaps That Never Rot (from Meaningless Leaning Mess)

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (May 10, 2017)

Got a show chock full of new droney noisy experimental shit including all 3 of the new Important releases, one of the new Deathprod reissues (GET ON THAT), and the debut from Thalassa (William Fowler Collins & Aaron Turner’s new project). Also got some sludgey Swamp Witch on 45 slowed down to 33, Steve Allen talking about home computers in 1983, the resurrection of Part Chimp, and Peruvian folk played on top of Charlemagne Palestine.

The recording equipment started recording in WAV (even though it was set to MP3) so I had to stop the recording because I didn’t have enough room to save a 2 hour long WAV. That’s why the first song by Doc Evans doesn’t show up in the recording. Sorry!

A Thick Mist 2017/05/10

Background music: Concessionaires – Flat Pink Octagon (from Artificial Interface)

Doc Evans & His Dixieland Band – Black Snake Blues (from Muskrat Ramble)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:03:38 Planning For Burial – Dull Knife Pts I & II (from Below The House)
00:20:20 Banyen Rakkaen – Lam Yao Salab Teoy (from Theppabutr Productions: The Man Behind The Molam Sound 1972-75)
00:26:45 Talk break
00:30:32 Deathprod – Towboat (from Treetop Drive)
00:34:00 Locrian – Side B (from Greyfield Shrines)
00:48:37 Part Chimp – Namekuji (from IV)
00:52:25 Abner Jay – I’m So Depressed (from True Story Of Abner Jay)
00:55:30 Talk break
00:58:04 Thalassa – Pitted Aegis (from Bonds Of Prosperity)
00:59:43 Alessandro Cortini & Merzbow – MAAC (from Alessandro Cortini & Merzbow)
01:08:51 Caterina Barbieri – Gravity That Binds / Scratches On The Readable Surface (excerpt) (from Patterns Of Consciousness)
01:17:05 Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows – Side A (excerpt) (from Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Home Computers)
01:27:54 Talk break
01:30:49 Charlemagne Palestine & The Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra – GFTMO Redux (from Omminggg And Schlomminggg)
01:33:24 Piro villagers / Bora musicians / Chuncus musicians – Piro Conversation / Bora Tree-Trunk Drums / Chunchus Pasacalle / Chunchus Tune (from Traditional Music Of Peru)
01:49:54 Swamp Witch – Novem (from Gnosis)
01:56:25 Talk break
01:58:40 Clarence Ashley & Tex Isley – Hard Luck Blues (from Clarence Ashley & Tex Isley Play And Sing American Folk Music)

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (May 3, 2017)

I finally figured out the new recording equipment so this episode should sound fine. Got to play a bunch of stuff from the Lomax box set on Mississppi, Root Hog Or Die and I found out about Ánde Somby and yoiking from Josh Mason on Twitter, so it seemed fitting to play Somby & Mason together. Also, I fucking love Ragana you guys. You need to get on that shit if you haven’t already. Everything they do is amazing.

A Thick Mist 2017/05/03

Background music: Sam Hamilton – F.T.M.D.B.O.P (from PALA)

00:00:00 Rev. R. C. Crenshaw & Greater Harvest M. B. Church Congregation – Steal Away / Didn’t Hear Nobody Pray (from Root Hog Or Die)
00:03:17 Talk break
00:06:04 Boris – Side B (from Boris At Last -Feedbacker-)
00:24:09 Kwaramba Village musicians – Nyamaropa Yekutanga (from Africa – Shona Mbira Music)
00:29:32 Talk break
00:32:09 Ellen Arkbro – For Organ And Brass (from For Organ And Brass)
00:33:11 Geoffrey Chaucer read by Prunella Scales and Richard Bebb – Side C (from The Wife Of Bath’s Tale)
00:52:15 Ragana – You Take Nothing (from You Take Nothing)
00:58:49 Talk break
01:01:22 Quechua musicians – Tonada (from Instruments And Music Of Bolivia)
01:03:22 Josh Mason – Dying In A Banana Grove (from The Symbiont)
01:04:18 Ánde Somby – Wolf (from Yoiking With The Winged Ones)
01:21:47 Uncle Alec (Eck) Dunford – Memories Of The 1940 National Folk Festival / Fisher’s Hornpipe (from Root Hog Or Die)
01:25:17 Havana musicians – Consuelate Como Yo (from Festival In Havana)
00:29:18 Talk break
01:33:22 Wrekmeister Harmonies – Light Falls Parts I-III (from Light Falls)
01:54:24 Bukka White – Hundredth Man Blues (from Root Hog Or Die)
01:59:58 Talk break

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (April 26, 2017)

Well, I recorded the whole episode this time but I still have the clipping issue. The good news is I’m 99% what the problem is and next week’s episode should sound like a million bucks.

I can’t get over how amazing that Abdul Rahman Al-Gheid song is. Unlike anything else I’ve heard. Utterly entrancing.

A Thick Mist 2017/04/26

Background music: Garrincha & The Stolen Elk – Moments Captured, Lost Forever (from Life Is Wasted On The Living)

00:00:00 Homer And The Barnstormers – Cumberland Gap (from Bluegrass Banjos On Fire)
00:02:14 Talk break
00:04:47 Sink – Ritual Transfigured / Ritual (from The Holy Testament 1)
00:23:16 Musicians from Apeiranthos, Naxos – The Chramaki (Kalamatianos Rhythm) (from Folk Music Of Greece)
00:28:22 Talk break
00:30:58 Glenn Branca – Symphony No. 3 (Gloria) Part 2 (from Symphony No. 3 (Gloria))
00:31:56 Lee Steiner – Side B (from Enhancing Psychic Energy)
00:45:00 .cut featuring Gibet – Up The River Da Nang… (from Three:four Split Series – Volume 2)
00:55:25 Musicians from Bajau and Makuna – Bajau Laut Dance / Bajau Laut Song / Makuna Chant (from The Music Of Primitive Man)
00:59:17 Talk break
01:01:51 Mare Cognitum – Constellation Hipparchia (from Luminiferous Aether)
01:14:17 Guitar Welsh – Lonesome Blues (from Southern Prison Blues)
01:17:50 Abdul Rahman Al-Gheid – Beyt Kar Akhal (from Hassānīya Music From The Western Sahara And Mauritania)
01:24:26 Malcolm Dalglish – Pleiades (from Jogging The Memory)
01:28:10 Talk break
01:30:59 Daniel Menche – Side A (from Body Melt)
01:31:35 Ambrose Bierce read by Ugo Toppo – An Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge (from Tales Of Horror And Suspense)
01:49:45 Tecumseh – Polska (from Sea(s))
01:58:42 Talk break
02:00:38 Rev. R. Henderson – Up Above My Head (from Time Will Make A Change)

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (April 19, 2017)

I apologize for this recording being a total mess. New equipment was installed for recording the broadcasts and this was my first time using it. There were two main problems. 1: It recorded a WAV file instead of MP3 and I didn’t have enough disk space to record the whole episode. This is easily fixable in the future but this show got cut off at about 80 minutes in. I included the playlist for the rest of the episode without timestamps below because why not. 2: The new equipment has more settings which I’ll need to mess with because this recording got clipped even though the live output wasn’t clipping. Not sure why that happened, so I can’t guarantee the next episode will sound perfect (it might even sound worse) but I’ll figure things out eventually. Also, I brought along a 10″ haftarah record that I didn’t realize was a 78 so that was pretty disappointing.

On the bright side, the half-hour stretch starting with The North Sea is especially excellent in my opinion, so you have that to look forward to.

A Thick Mist 2017/05/19

Background music: Altars – Intro / The Slain God (from Live On Pure Hate)

00:00:00 Odetta – God’s Gonna Cut You Down (from Sings Ballads & Blues)
00:01:50 Talk break
00:05:15 TRTRKMMR – B side (from Alex La Souillure Nous Entrons Au Règne De La Terreur)
00:20:31 Kiem Bara & Fodonon villages – Funeral Rites For A Member Of The Poro (from Unesco Collection – An Anthology Of African Music: The Music Of The Senufo)
00:33:16 Talk break
00:35:41 The North Sea – Suicide Spin (from Tacazze Sunbird)
00:36:36 Kajar The Magician – The Ceremony, Part 1 (from Sufi Ceremony: Rifa’ Ceremony Of The Eleventh Day Of Rabi-L-Achien Honouring Abdul Hadir Beker)
00:53:30 Gil Melle – Strobe Crystal Green (from The Andromeda Strain Soundtrack)
01:05:16 Talk break
01:08:19 John Wesley Hardin – Choose Your Flag (from Faded Memories: Songs Of Deerfield)
01:10:17 Cultes Des Ghoules – Mischief, Mischief, The Devilry Is At Toil… (Scene II) (from Coven, Or Evil Ways Instead Of Love)

Shandrashekar Naringreka – Surbahar Rag Kirwani (from Hindustani, A Panorama Of North Indian Music)
Howard Stelzer & David Payne – B side (from Swelter)
Ritchie Calder – A side (from Science In Our Loves)
JT Whitfield – Quatro Plate (from JT Whitfield)
Insect Factory – Globes (from Melodies From a Dead Radio)

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (April 12, 2017)

Some good stuff going on here, especially the end of The Thine Blue Line Score bleeding into Aseethe’s plodding doom, as well as hearing Arcangelo Calobrisi talk about why they should stop using the word “shock” when talking about shock therapy played alongside the minimalist of minimal Eleh drones.

A Thick Mist 2017/04/12

Background music: Inez Lightfoot – Sprouting Velvet Antlers (from Familiars)

00:00:00 Boyd Rivers – When I Cross Over (from You Can’t Make Me Doubt)
00:05:27 Talk break
00:10:05 Wolvserpent – Aporia:Kala:Ananta Part I (from Aporia:Kala:Ananta)
00:11:00 Kevin Drumm – Hitting The Pavement (from Sheer Hellish Miasma)
00:27:16 Northern Command Band – In The Bathhouse Of Abulafia (from Come On Now) (band name and titles are my best attempt at translating Hebrew so they might be completely inaccurate)
00:32:01 Talk break
00:37:56 Eleh – Night Of Pure Energy / Death Is Eternal Bliss (from Radiant Intervals I)
00:39:09 Arcangelo Calobrisi – Side B (from The First Encounter)
00:51:36 Ed McCurdy – Blame Not A Woman (from Lyrica Erotica Vol 3: Women’s Delights)
00:54:22 Mesarthim – Constellation (from Pillars)
01:00:28 Talk break
01:04:06 Carmen Miranda – Bambu Bambu (from South American Way)
01:06:36 Aunt Molly Jackson – Crossbones Skully (from Library Of Congress Recordings)
01:07:29 Yehuda Lev – Jerusalem, The Religious Center (from The Sounds Of Jerusalem)
01:10:09 Drekka reworks Annelies Monseré – Like Yesterday / Common Ground (from Verjaardag)
01:17:51 Philip Glass – Harris’ Crimes, Part Three / Hell On Earth / Harris’ Childhood / The Confession / End Credits (from The Thin Blue Line Score)
01:22:43 Aseethe – Barren Soil (from Hopes of Failure)
01:31:50 Talk break
01:36:24 Unknown artist – Paucartambo: Contradanza, Fiesta Al Virgen del Carmen (from Fiestas Of Peru: Music Of The High Andes)
01:38:03 Keith Fullerton Whitman – Twin Guitar Rhodes Viola Drone (For Lamonte Young) (from Antithesis)
01:47:50 Sonny Terry – Bad Luck (from Sonny Is King)
01:52:07 Gloam – Corporeal Treatment (from Hex Of Nine Heads)
02:02:58 Talk break
02:04:25 Zul Darwis & Asmidar Darwis – Sifat Manusia (from Indonesia Pop Nostalgia)

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (April 5, 2017)


It’s fucking insane that a song titled “Lullaby For My Little Son In The Crematorium” exists and that it’s based on actual events.


A Thick Mist 2017/04/05

Background music: Gonzo – Skull Cave (from Radio Kampala / Skull Cave)

00:00:00 Twilight Fauna – Light Over Mountains (from The Year The Stars Fell)
00:07:34 Talk break
00:10:42 Omar Souleyman – Salamat Galbi Bidek (from Leh Jani)
00:16:30 Lake Of Violet – Circles In Red Dirt / Dark Blue Square (from The Startling Testimony Of Plumb Lines)
00:25:38 Aleksander Kulisiewicz – Kolysanka Dla Synka W Krematorium (Lullaby For My Little Son In The Crematorium) (from Songs From The Depths Of Hell)
00:30:07 Talk break
00:34:09 Darkspace – Dark 1.3 (excerpt) from (Darkspace I)
00:40:00 Golden Braid – Side A from (Golden Braid)
00:43:56 Bonpos Tibétains – Cérémonie De Propitiation Par Nag-Zhig (Suite Et Fin) (from Les Traditions Rituelles Des Bonpos Tibétains)
00:56:52 Ennio Morricone – Bestiality (from The Thing Score)
00:59:16 Talk break
01:03:05 Sarah Davachi – Side B (For Organ / For Piano) (from All My Circles Run)
01:03:48 Russ Burgess – Side B (from Meditation For Western Man)
01:21:10 Uškumgallu – Morbid Seed And Spiritual Entrails (from Rotten Limbs In Dreams Of Blood)
01:27:10 Talk break
01:30:52 Brownie McGhee – Gone But Not Forgotten (from Brownie McGhee Sings The Blues)
01:35:14 Steve Reich – Music For Mallet Instruments, Voices And Organ (from Six Pianos / Music For Mallet Instruments, Voices, And Organ)
01:35:45 Lloyd Bridges – Side B (excerpt, everything except first track) (from Hear How To Skin Dive)
01:53:40 Velvet Cacoon – Fauna & Flora (from Genevieve)
01:59:00 Talk break
02:01:30 Clarence Edwards – I’m Your Slave (from Swamp’s The Word)

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (March 29, 2017)

Some A+ reissues of Giusto Pio’s and Dominique Lawalrée’s work played alongside Arthur C. Clarke reading his short story “Transit Of Earth,” one of Mississippi John Hurt’s earliest recordings, and Tibetan monks overtone singing with the ambient doom part of Dragged Into Sunlight’s Widowmaker.
A Thick Mist 2017/03/29

Background music: Matt Jencik – Cosmic Horror (from Weird Times)

00:00:00 Josh White – Outskirts Of Town (from Josh White Sings Volume II)
00:03:07 Talk break
00:06:44 Hæthen – Side A (from Shaped By Aeolian Winds)
00:25:33 The Fun Years – Tape Screen Triangles (from Heroes Of The Second Story Walk-Up)
00:26:15 The Tahitian Percussionists And Exotic Voices – Yarbon (from Tahitian Percussion)
00:30:55 Talk break
00:34:16 Giusto Pio – Motore Immobile (from Motore Immobile)
00:34:54 Arthur C. Clarke – Transit Of Earth (from Transit Of Earth, The Nine Billion Names Of God, The Star)
00:51:43 Dominique Lawalrée – La Maison Des 5 Éléments (from First Meeting)
01:01:29 Matt Jencik – Relaxers (from Weird Times)
01:05:20 Talk break
01:07:40 Harry Reser – Lollypops (from Banjo Crackerjax 1922-1930)
01:10:23 Dragged Into Sunlight – Side A (from Widowmaker)
01:11:21 The Gyuto Monks – Guhyasamaja Tantra, Chapter II (from Tibetan Tantric Choir)
01:32:30 Talk break
01:34:54 Ash Borer – Grey Marrow (from The Irrepassable Gate)
01:38:30 Kleistwahr – Music For Dead Dreams (from Music For Zeitgeist Fighters)
01:46:05 Spiro T. Agnew – Side A (from Spiro T. Agnew Speaks Out)
02:01:20 Talk break
02:03:20 Mississippi John Hurt – Stack O’ Lee Blues (from 1928 – His First Recordings)

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (March 22, 2017)

With Jon Mueller’s permission, I played one of the side-long pieces from his new record, dHrAaNwDn. This is probably the first and maybe only place you can hear this digitally. Also, that BSBC locked groove plus Ciardi reading Dante’s Inferno is just too fucking much. And can someone tell me why Otesanek isn’t everyone’s favorite metal band?
A Thick Mist 2017-03-22

00:00:00 Norma Tanega – You’re Dead (from Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog)
00:02:23 Talk break
00:05:56 Jon Mueller – Untitled A (from dHrAaNwDn)
00:21:20 M.S.W. – Musicae Ad Frigore Hiems (from Cloud)
00:32:11 Talk break
00:34:59 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – The Endless Blockade (excerpt) (from The Endless Blockade)
00:36:01 John Ciardi – Cantos V-VII (from Dante: The Inferno – The Immortal Drama Of A Journey Through Hell)
00:47:41 Black Mecha – Mental Picture (from I.M. Mentalizing)
01:00:13 Talk break
01:03:20 Hive Mind – Elemental Disgrace 1 (from Elemental Disgrace)
01:05:35 Horton Barker – Wayfaring Stranger (from Horton Barker: Traditional Singer)
01:10:06 Otesanek – Sanguinary (from Otesanek)
01:19:09 Group Doueh – Zayna Jumma (from Zayna Jumma)
01:23:44 Pino Donaggio – The Museum (from Dressed To Kill Score)
01:30:00 Talk break
01:33:23 Ustad Ali Akbar Khan & Pandit Chatur Lal – Morning Raga (from Music Of India: Morning And Evening Rāgas)
01:35:12 Robedoor – Sabbath Breaker (from Endlessly Blazing)
01:54:36 Skip James – Devil Got My Woman (from Delta Blues Heavy Hitters 1927-1931)
01:57:51 Talk break
01:59:37 Reverend Gary Davis – The Angel’s Message To Me (from Reverend Gary Davis 1935-1949)

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (March 20, 2017)


This is the last AGB Radio. From now on it’ll just be A Thick Mist which you can catch live on WMWM Salem Wednesday from 7-9 am (ET) or on BFF.fm the following Monday from 11-1 pm (ET). Of course I’ll also be posting it on here for you to download or whatever.

This episode is stacked as hell with some of my all time favorite artists including Eluvium, Mount Eerie, Jeremy Bible, and Windy & Carl, and then some newer faves like Mary Lattimore, CEKE, Blanck Mass, and Mary Ocher. 100% amazing episode start to finish.


AGB Radio 2017/03/20

Background music: Gábor Lázár – 7 (from Crisis Of Representation)

00:00:00 Mount Eerie – Real Death (from A Crow Looked At Me)
00:02:22 Talk break
00:06:29 Eluvium – Windmills (from Disquiet, Vol. 1)
00:16:01 Windy And Carl – For End Of 2016 (from Disquiet, Vol. 1)
00:21:19 Blanck Mass – Rhesus Negative (from World Eater)
00:30:27 Talk break
00:31:34 Abul Mogard – All This Has Passed Forever (from Nervous Hydra/All This Has Passed Forever)
00:47:23 Jeremy Bible – Centuries (from Be As Happy As Possible)
00:51:50 Do Make Say Think – Her Eyes On The Horizon (from Stubborn Persistent Illusions)
01:00:08 Talk break
01:01:35 Common Eider, King Eider – The Dark Winter (Sing Out Into The Dark Night Sky!) (from Shrines For The Unwanted, Respite For The Case Aside)
01:12:46 Braveyoung – Blue Beyond The Hill (from Misery And Pride)
01:23:28 Dedekind Cut – The Expanding Domain (from The Expanding Domain)
01:29:48 Talk break
01:31:12 Mary Ocher – To The Light (from The West Against The People)
01:34:50 Michael Vallera – Still Life (from Vivid Flu)
01:45:13 High Plains – The Dusk Pines (from Cinderland)
01:51:37 Mary Lattimore feat. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Borrego Springs (from Returned To Earth)
01:57:26 Talk break

One Radio Show (To Rule Them All)


I’m not doing AGB Radio anymore. Instead, I’ll just be doing A Thick Mist. For those not keeping track, the arbitrary and self-enforced distinctions between the two radio shows is that AGB Radio was pre-recorded with 99% new music, 99% drone/noise/experimental/etc, and 100% digital, while A Thick Mist is recorded live with 80% not new music, 80% black metal/country blues/doom/world folk/non-music/etc, and 100% vinyl. It wasn’t always like this. AGB Radio started out being much more eclectic genre-wise and I played a decent amount of not new music.

But AGB Radio is a huge time suck for me (that Auris Apothecary episode took 5+ hours start to finish) and has become a burden. Whenever something about AGB becomes a burden, I try to change things up because I only do this because I enjoy it so it doesn’t make sense to do it if I don’t enjoy it. I’ve been having way more fun with A Thick Mist, doing a live show is more exciting, I get to use a lot of my records that I don’t normally listen to, and I get to experiment with mixing stuff together (like throwing weird spoken word stuff on top of Indian ragas). Granted, I have to wake up at 5:30 am every Wednesday morning, but at least I’m not killing any and all Sunday night plans for the rest of eternity due to AGB Radio.

So I’m cutting back to one radio show per week instead of two (which was kind of ridiculous to begin with). A Thick Mist will still air live online (91.7 FM WMWM Salem) on Wednesdays from 7:00 am – 9:00 am ET and I’ll post it here afterward just like I’ve been doing. And for the Monday morning crowd, I’ll be airing the previous week’s A Thick Mist every Monday during my usual AGB Radio time slot on BFF.fm (11:00 am – 1:00 pm ET). You can subscribe to A Thick Mist’s RSS feed here and it’s in the iTunes podcast store thing too (let me know if there are other places you’d like to see it available). The entire AGB Radio archive will be kept here, just like it always has. A Thick Mist will continue to be vinyl only for the foreseeable future but I’ll be incorporating a bit more new and droney/noisy shit, essentially trying to get back to AGB Radio’s origins while still keeping things interesting for me. And I’m hoping that with less time being spent doing AGB Radio, I’ll be able to do a little more on AGB that’s not radio-related (Q&As, giveaways, the occasional review). We’ll see.

The last AGB Radio will be this upcoming one airing on Monday, March 20, 2017.

As always, thanks for reading/listening/making.

Album Review

Jon Mueller – dHrAaNwDn (Rhythmplex, 2017)


Jon Mueller is forever one of my favorite musicians. He drums in ways other people can’t even imagine composing and conjures ecstatic trances of glossolalia like it’s nothing more than making his morning coffee. Every record is somehow a new journey into a different state of rapture while always using the same methods of creation. Recently released on his on Rhythmplex label, dHrAaNwDn (pronounced “hand drawn”) is a document of his fresh frenzied percussion and it’s unreal.

The 2xLP is an excerpt of his performance at the Shaker Historical Society’s Meeting House in Albany, NY where he played 4 drums for 6 hours. The location was central to Mueller’s performance: it was the home to many “spirit gifts,” visions, healings, and trance-like episodes during the Shakers’ Era Of Manifestations. Mueller channels this history directly into the music, becoming a path to spiritual enlightenment.

Each side of the vinyl is (or at least sounds like) a single uncut piece of the performance with Mueller pounding away at his kit, the reverb in the room making it difficult to tell exactly just how fast he’s playing, not that you’d ever actually be able to tell, he’s a macro embodiment of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, you know exactly where he is but his BPM is dynamic, not because he’s human, but because he’s a goddamn machine, Mueller is more reliable than a metronome so his rhythm fluctuations are perfectly executed.

This is a record unlike any other (even other Mueller records), this is him at his most euphoric and hypnotic, the bridge between two worlds manifested in a single human’s body. Hearing this is humbling, and I can hardly imagine what seeing the performance live was like. Luckily, if you’re willing to dish out some extra cash, there’s a deluxe edition of dHrAaNwDn (50 copies) that features the entire public performance on a cassette, so you can get the next best thing to being a direct witness. The standard edition (200 copies) is still super sweet though, with a die cut jacket (the bottom circle in the image up there is cut out) to show the printed inner sleeve. I know I typically have a stream for my reviews, but since Mueller is keeping this out of the digital world, I’m honoring his request by not ripping a track from the vinyl. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. But really, you should definitely trust me on this one.

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (March 13, 2017) – Label Spotlight: Auris Apothecary

Auris Apothecary is easily one of the coolest labels ever. They release an incredible variety of music (black metal, drone, harsh noise, fuzzy psych, chiptune, bedroom pop) by artists I already know and love (Sutekh Hexen, Sujo, William Basinski) and artists I would’ve never otherwise heard (Unholy Triforce, Hymnal Bruise, Morsunda).

And then there’s the packaging. They “spend countless hours perfecting each fold and drop of ink on [their] releases,” each is wholly unique (like Pendra Gon’s 16-song Mu Blaksids Nogard Nep that has each song on a separate 3.5″ floppy disk) and some considered as “anti-releases” that are unplayable (Unholy Triforce’s Siberiliszt Inferno cassette that’s melted beyond repair) or intentionally created to damage your equipment (Unholy Triforce’s The Library Of Babel vinyl whose grooves have been screen-printed over so your stylus gets irrevocably fucked up while it chips away the ink to reveal the audio underneath) or maybe just something you don’t even want to touch (Mike IX Williams’ Glass Torn And War Shortage tape that’s permanently covered in broken glass).

One of the dudes behind the label, Dante Augustus Scarlatti, was quoted in an article from The Wire saying “part of the absurdity in what we do is that we also promote absolute destruction – sonically, physically, socially, spiritually and mentally. If that happens to entail destroying part of the package we worked so hard to make, it was all part of the greater plan and should be considered an acceptable casualty in the pursuit of understanding. Anti-cassettes are our extension of that idea, promoting physical alteration to a degree that it would appear unplayable or damaging to perform in its presented state… They are obstacles designed to provide tangible insight into otherwise abstract concepts, and we encourage the listener to perform whatever tasks are necessary to hear the audio.”

I did my best to showcase AA’s genre variety, to not play artists I’ve repped on AGB before, and to play songs that are difficult to hear in their physical form (which I was able to do because they celebrated their 100th release a few years ago by putting out a microSD card with all the music from their releases including everything from the traditional 12″ LP to the locked grooves and 7 second tape loops).

So much amazing art to appreciate in so many different forms. Thanks x1000000, Auris Apothecary.

AGB Radio 2017/03/13 – Label Spotlight: Auris Apothecary

Background music: Unholy Triforce – Transcriptions (from Transcriptions)

00:00:00 Dante Augustus Scarlatti – Vinyl Etchings Containing Hymns Of The Sacred Greek Orthodox Funeral (from Demises Of The Dynamic Microphone [In Monodelity])
00:06:06Talk break
00:09:46 Icuab Drain – Sleeping Beast (from Icuab Drain, You’re Uncomfortably Sane)
00:13:32 Hail Architeuthis! – Void [Society’s Infernal Holocaust] (from The Horseman Who Revived Organic Institutions)
00:16:29 Iw – A Cancer To Spare Us (from Death Patterns)
00:31:13 Talk break
00:32:27 The Gentlemen’s Butcher – Movement 1:39 (from Preservation: Consistent Melodic Passages Enhanced With Clouds Of Aural Opiates)
00:34:06 Pendra Gon – Thixophobia (from Mu Blaksids Nogard Nep)
00:35:41 Pusdrainer – Side One (from Worms Beneath Thy Cold Flesh)
00:46:25 Unholy Triforce – Side Two (from Sandin’ Yr Vagina)
00:53:01 False Flag – Lucre: Part II (from Lucre/Teeth)
00:54:13 John Flannelly – Gold (from Spaced)
00:56:54 Semilanceata – Drauzma Gestalt Domnar (from En Wallmoburen Myhr, Där Döön Grödha Mellom Bitter Root Ok Frucht)
01:01:11 Talk break
01:04:21 Hidenori Maezawa & Kyouhei Sada – Alien Lair (from Contra)
01:06:25 Hidenori Maezawa & Kyouhei Sada – Boss Battle (from Contra)
01:08:28 Hymnal Bruise – Movement I (from untitled AAX-057)
01:20:04 (((o))) – Parte Dos (from Fuego Somos, Fuego Seremos: Roars And Abstractions)
01:24:04 Mike IX Williams – Side Two (from Glass Torn And War Shortage: The Purposeful Poisoning Of A Shardless Society)
01:31:17 Talk break
01:33:01 The Constants – Darkness Of The Night (from No Organ)
01:37:24 Lord Fyre – Drinking Away Demons (from Destruction At 2013)
01:45:02 Baroke Misty Queens – Tacked Into It (from Tacked Into It)
01:47:09 Morsunda – Cacophony Of Vertical Horror (from Analogital)
01:50:49 HOU – Falling Lakes (from Serene Summation Of Years Past)
01:56:36 Deserter – Moon Pool (from Sister Cities)
01:58:37 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (March 6, 2017)

No idea why Rafael Anton Irisarri and Benoît Pioulard decided to stop recording as Orcas and start a new name project as Gailes, but I don’t care as long as they’re still at it (and fyi Gailes is way better than anything Orcas ever released).


AGB Radio 2017/03/06

Background music: Caudal – Slope (from Slope/Land)

00:00:00 Jessica Moss – Glaciers I (Pt. I) (from Pools Of Light)
00:06:33 Talk break
00:07:51 Martin Arnold – Slip Minuet (from The Spit Veleta)
00:31:17 Talk break
00:32:35 Gailes – Requiem For An Airport Television Newsreader (from Seventeen Words)
00:42:30 Anthony Vine – Troost (from Remnants)
00:59:45 Talk break
01:00:32 Damian Master – The Shell Of Eden (from For My Life Beyond This World)
01:21:32 Mondkopf – Vivere, Finale (from They Fall But You Don’t)
01:28:05 Talk break
01:29:17 Adamennon – Il Risveglio Nella Morte Universale (from Le Nove Ombre Del Caos)
01:42:28 Kassel Jaeger & Jim O’Rourke – Wakes On Cerulean A (from Wakes On Cerulean)
01:59:32 Talk break