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Let me just start off by saying this episode is super explicit and not safe for work (unless you’re a sex worker I guess). 99% of the spoken word is people talking about sex stuff like blowjob instructions (from the 50s? 60s?), some offbeat porno poetry, Christians talking about male puberty, hypnotherapy to make your dick bigger, etc. 99% of the music is experimental from 2022 and made by women.

00:00:00 Annie Sprinkle – Deep Inside Your Cosmic Body Erotic (from Cyborgasm – Erotica In 3-D Sound)
A former sex worker and current environmental artist (approaching her art from an “ecosexual” perspective) on a very odd compilation from the 90s of spoken word, ambient, and weird erotic shit.

00:02:55 Elin Piel – Heart Walls (from Satsuma Sunday)
Premium modular synth drone.

00:10:45 Meg Mulhearn – Pisces (from Archetypes)
The first in a 12-piece series of “meditations and non-linear reflections on archetypes of the twelve Western zodiacal signs.” Free* and starting off strong.

00:13:03 Unknown artist – Side A (from How To Drive Your Man Wild With Oral Sex)
Absolutely fuckin wild 7″ from decades ago that I have a hard time believing actually exists.

00:22:56 Victoria Wizell-Gallagher – Conversation With Cells (from Penis Enlargement Deluxe)
Another one I have a hard time believing exists. This is a 6-session set that aims to help you make your dick bigger by sheer willpower. Accompanied by some chill new age ambient cheese.

00:28:19 Laura Jordan Cocks – Produktionsmittel I (from Field Anatomies)
I didn’t just play this because her last name is Cocks. It’s also fantastic “blisteringly physical work for flutes.” In this case: amplified flute, aluminum foil, glass bottle, and fixed media.

00:48:14 Lori Goldston & Stefan Christoff – Wingspan In The Sunshine (from Punk Equinox)
I was so psyched to discover this one. I’ve always loved Goldston’s cello work but Christoff is new to me. Here he’s playing a Hammond organ. So yeah, cello + organ, obviously my kind shit.

00:58:15 Philip Jeck – As My Shadow Passes… (from Touch 00)
I remember the first Jeck work I heard: Sand (thanks Aquarius Records). It was revelatory. The first time I fully understood how vinyl could be used as an instrument instead of just the delivery method. He will be sorely missed but I’m thankful for all of the music he left behind.

01:07:38 The Christophers – The Problems Of Growing Boys (from Christopher Recordings On Sex Instruction)
The Christophers are an “inspirational” Christian group founded in 1945 by the Roman Catholic/Maryknoll priest James Keller. This is one of their earliest publications (from 1951), intended to educate parents on how to educate their children about sex and puberty.

01:16:42 Astrid Øster Mortensen – Styrsö Kyrkorgel (from Skærsgårdslyd)
New to me Danish artist. Amazing field recording and folk droney sounds.

01:17:37 Matchess – Almost Gone (from Sonescent)
Huge release by Whitney Johnson. Her previous work is excellent but this is next level. Highly recommended.

01:26:13 John Giorno – Pornographic Poem (from Raspberry / Pornographic Poem)
The experimental poet and Dial-A-Poem founder is joined by a dozen or so others to get weird and talk dirty.

01:34:59 Bunny Buckskin & Carrington McDuffie – Pink Sweatboxes (from Cyborgasm – Erotica In 3-D Sound)
Another one from Cyborgasm. Figured I’d just add to the Giorno chaos with more perverted chat.

01:39:30 Maria Moles – In Pan-as (from For Leolanda)
Powerful percussion inspired by Philippine gong music.

01:46:33 Vanessa Wagner – Gustave Le Gray (from Study Of The Invisible)
Wagner takes her piano to Caroline Shaw’s “Gustave Le Gray” and you pass out.

01:54:20 Stanley Z. Daniels – Side B (from Sex For Adults (Sex Is Fun Particularly When You’re In Love))
The epic conclusion to the sex trilogy by Stanley Z. Daniels (he’s an M.D. so you can totally trust him), preceded by Sex Explained For Children and Sex For Teens (Where It’s At).

01:59:51 Ann Eysermans – Fuga For Four Diesel Locomotives And Harp (from For Trainspotters Only)
Debut release from Eysermans featuring her field recordings of Belgian diesel trains accompanied by her beautiful harp, organ, chimes, music boxes, etc.

02:05:48 Maya Shenfeld – Sadder Than Water (from In Free Fall)
Another debut. Stunning.

02:12:19 Kinbrae & Clare Archibald – Haul Into Being (from Birl Of Unmap)
A debut collaboration making beautiful sounds alongside stoic spoken word, all of which is inspired by hyper-local areas in Scotland.

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