AGB Radio (July 6, 2015)

July 7, 2015

Realized a week or two ago that I hadn’t played either of the new Type LPs (first two songs of the show). Shame on me. Also, who knew Chuck Johnson could make killer electronic drone?


AGB Radio 2015/07/06

Background music: Matt Valentine – Free Again (from Midden Mound)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:50 Retribution Body – Sea Of Trees (from Aokigahara)
00:21:28 High Aura’d & Mike Shiflet – Parlour Games (from Awake)
00:28:44 Talk break
00:30:33 Medroxy Progesterone Acetate – I Saw The Light Come Shining (from On The Sunny Side Of The Skull)
00:48:55 Amy Annelle – Grey Funnel Line (from Surgery)
00:53:24 Barnett & Coloccia – Healer (from Weld)
00:59:31 Talk break
01:00:34 Petrels – We Are Falling Into The Heart Of The Sun (from Flailing Tomb)
01:09:32 William Basinski & Richard Chartier – Divertissement Pt. 2 (from Divertissement)
01:31:00 Talk break
01:31:38 C. Spencer Yeh – Solo Voice VII (from Solo Voice I-X)
01:37:02 W00DY – The Sky (from RNBW)
01:42:18 Nocht The Only Ghouls – Herman Ratzel (from Zodiac Chord)
01:47:58 Chuck Johnson – Thorn Filaments (from CJ-1)
01:57:37 Talk break

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