AGB Radio (August 17, 2015) – Ladies Only Edition

August 18, 2015

So much awesome shit in the experimental scene from ladies that doesn’t get the praise it should. None of this stuff has been played on AGB Radio yet and all of it has come out this year so… get crackin.


AGB Radio 2015/08/17 – Ladies Only Edition

Background music: GABI – Home (from Sympathy)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:01:08 Elizabeth Veldon – The Solace Of Communal Worship (from Fear Not: For I Have Redeemed Thee, I Have Called Thee By Thy Name; Thou Art Mine)
00:07:12 Gel Set – The Basement (from Human Salad)
00:11:41 Tsembla – Sinuhe Bebe (from Terror & Healing)
00:15:32 Ela Orleans – We Are One (from Upper Hell)
00:20:02 Sarah Davachi – Geneva (from Qualities Of Bodies Permanent)
00:29:46 Talk break
00:31:04 Christina Carter – First Performance (from L’etoile De Mer)
00:42:15 Lau Nau – Luotsilaiva (from HEM. Någonstans)
00:47:15 Félicia Atkinson – Against Archives (from A Readymade Ceremony)
00:54:10 Kara-Lis Coverdale – Arcane (from Aftertouches)
00:59:29 Talk break
01:00:40 Crys Cole – Sand (from Sand / Layna)
01:19:30 Jenny Hval – Holy Land (from Apocalypse, Girl)
01:29:29 Talk break
01:30:05 Paper Dollhouse – Siren (from Aeonflower)
01:36:26 Screature – Graves And Heirs (from Four Columns)
01:41:35 Meg Baird – Don’t Weigh Down The Light (from Don’t Weight Down The Light)
01:47:07 R. Ariel – Florence (from Changer)
01:52:10 Waterflower – Izzieddejis (from Lost Harbours / Waterflower Split)
01:58:25 Talk break

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