AGB Radio (May 20, 2015) – Live! with Andrew Weathers

September 3, 2015

agb radio live

When I went on my road trip in May, I stayed with my friends Forrest & Amanda in San Francisco for a few days and they’re the founders. So when someone had to cancel their regularly scheduled show, and since I had been buying records across the country, I figured I’d do an impromptu live AGB Radio episode. Then I found out Thee Andrew Weathers was available to come down and hang with me in the studio. So that’s how this show happened.

But that was in May, and now it’s September so this is long overdue. Sorry it took so long! I had problems getting ahold of the recording, then I had to get time to edit it and put the playlist together. And I’m also crazy embarrassed about this episode. I did a terrible job doing the live thing on an unfamiliar setup while trying to keep a conversation with Andrew, and the show is mostly just us shooting the shit which is not something I’d ever want to listen to. Maybe you do, though. So here it is. There’s about 30 minutes total of talking and then maybe 90 of music, so I guess that’s not too bad of a ratio.

The show cuts off a bit at the end when I’m reading off the previous setlist and saying my thank yous & goodbyes due to some glitch. You’re not missing much, though.

A thousand thanks to Andrew for joining me. He’s a truly amazing dude and incredibly talented. He co-runs Full Spectrum and records solo stuff as well as band stuff and every bit of it is the best. His newest record is Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything. It’s unbelievably awesome. And definitely listen to We’re Not Cautious regardless of whether it’s new to you or not.

A couple notes about the playlist… It’s a bit of a hackjob because I wasn’t really paying attention. I think on more than one occasion I let one song run into another, specifically on Wilderness Trail and Romanian Folk Dances, maybe one or two others. And there’s about 10 seconds of looped skipping on the Popol Vuh song. Oops.


AGB Radio 2015/05/20 – Live! with Andrew Weathers

Background music: Hiroshi Yoshimura – Green
00:00:00 Alhaji Garbo Leao – Wurin Allah Muka (from Alhaji Garbo Leao And His Goge Music)
00:05:50 Talk break
00:11:31 Walter Scharf – The Beckoning Trail (from Wilderness Trail)
00:16:17 Gordon Ashworth – Norma, Upbringing (from STLA)
00:26:32 Instrumental Group Of Mohamed Ben Mohamed El Majdoub – Ishih Dyala-Sadat (from Moroccan Sufi Music, Islamic Mystical Brotherhood)
00:36:04 Talk break
00:48:36 Arorangi Youth – Marama E (from Moments In Rarotonga)
00:51:41 Popol Vuh – In Den Gärten Pharaos (from In Den Gärten Pharaos)
01:10:52 Talk break
01:32:19 Mihai & Alexandru David – De-a Lungul Si Hateyana (from Romania: Romanian Folk Dances)
01:34:58 Mihai & Alexandru David – Mireasa Cununa Ta (from Romania: Romanian Folk Dances)
01:36:20 Horton Barker – Wayfaring Stranger (from Traditional Singer)
01:40:13 Exhaust – A History Of Guerilla Warfare (from Exhaust)
01:46:19 Mij – Grok (Martian Love Call) (from Yodeling Astrologer)
01:53:22 Munawar Sultana & Iqbal Banso – Dholak Geet (Punjab Folk Song) (from Folk Music From Pakistan)
01:57:17 Talk break

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