AGB Radio (February 1, 2016)

February 2, 2016

bulbs - color attic album cover


I’m super sick and sound it in this episode, so, sorry about that, but it’s 100% 2016 music and all of it is fuckin killer, definitely pay attention to the new Roly Porter record and the Bloodmist project (Jeremiah Cymerman, Mario Diaz De Leon, & Toby Driver).


AGB Radio 2016/02/01

Background music: Robert Aiki Aubrey Lower – Cognition (Forbes) (from Cognition – Observation)

00:00:00 Basic Rhythm – Raw Basic (from Raw Trax)
00:05:55 Talk break
00:07:10 Roly Porter – Blind Blackening (from Third Law)
00:15:37 Surgeon – BDF-521 (from From Farthest Known Objects)
00:22:37 Lumisokea – Nanissáanah (from Transmissions From Revarsavr)
00:29:48 Talk break
00:30:44 The Volume Settings Folder – St. Martin’s Cloak (from Folder #05)
00:35:41 Gifted And Blessed – Love Activator (from Emotional Topography)
00:41:42 Bloodmist – Bare Arms, Black Dresses (from Sheen)
00:52:26 Coypu – Wetlands (from Floating)
00:58:59 Talk break
01:00:20 Gate – Hijack (from Saturday Night Fever)
01:12:07 EUS – Luminar III (from Luminar)
01:17:50 Radiator Greys – Divided (Understood) (from Denying The Other)
01:29:47 Talk break
01:30:53 Thug Entrancer – Neural Shade (from Neural Shade)
01:36:10 Good Willsmith – Whales Sing Great Melodies With Fantastic Lyrics (from Things Our Bodies Used To Have)
01:44:23 Davey Harms – Trapped In The Grid (from Cables)
01:49:49 Bulbs – Yoke (from Color Attic)
01:58:51 Talk break

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