AGB Radio (February 29, 2016)

March 2, 2016

troller - graphic album cover


also sorry Benjamin Finger I accidentally said your new record was on Time Released Sound instead of X-Ray

AGB Radio 2016/02/29

Background music: Sean McCann – Pacifics (from Pacifics)

00:00:00 Troller – Not Here (from Graphic)
00:04:42 Talk break
00:06:16 Ian William Craig – Parry That With More Geometry (from Zugzwang For Fostex)
00:12:32 Benjamin Finger – Headspincrawl (from Amorosa Sensitiva)
00:23:23 Cross Record – The Depths (from Wabi-Sabi)
00:27:49 Talk break
00:28:57 Andrew Tuttle – Private League (from Fantasy League)
00:35:45 Machinefabriek – Dwaal (from Dwaal/Wold)
00:53:35 Isolde Touch – PVC Burn (from Secretary Of Sensation)
00:58:35 Talk break
00:59:33 The Humble Bee – Borne Back Ceaselessly Into The Past (from Deathless Songs)
01:20:27 Rangda – Hard Times Befall The Door-To-Door Glass Shard Salesman (from The Heretic’s Bargain)
01:28:21 Talk break
01:29:19 Autistici & Justin Varis – Amber (Sleep Test For Erik) (from Nine)
01:46:29 Wil Bolton – Wishing Well (from February Dawn)
01:50:40 Secret Boyfriend – Memorize Them Well (from Memory Care Unit)
01:58:53 Talk break

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