AGB Radio (March 14, 2016)

March 15, 2016



New Architeuthis Rex!! New Mary Lattimore!! New(ish) Faith Coloccia (Mára)!! Also that reissue of Anna Homler’s speaking in tongues shit is 100% crazy cool.


AGB Radio 2016/03/14

Background music: Strategy – Fossil Data (from Information Pollution)

00:00:00 Father Lemon – Fearconfrontation (from Putrescentrainbow)
00:05:17 Talk break
00:06:35 Thug Entrancer – Wage Mage III (from Arcology)
00:14:25 Anna Homler & Steve Moshier – Gu She’ Na’ Di (from Breadwoman & Other Tales)
00:19:54 Vektormusik – Excerpt#4 07.06.15 (from Time Woke Up In Darkness Excerpts Vol. 2)
00:27:45 Mára – The Gift Of Life (from Surfacing)
00:30:44 Talk break
00:32:21 Virtual Forest – The Angel Of The Abyss And The Door Through The Underworld (from Ritual Machine Music)
00:47:26 Mary Lattimore – Ferris Wheel, January (from At The Dam)
01:00:43 Talk break
01:01:32 Jessika Kenney – Ingsun (from Atria)
01:05:15 Oakeater – Wishful Beginnings (from Aquarius)
01:12:58 Cloaked Figure – The Let Gods Forgive What I Have Created, Let Those I Love Try To Forgive What I Have Created (from Tome Is Melting
01:27:55 Talk break
01:28:39 Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – 23:52 (from Trance Frendz)
01:34:31 Luciernaga – La Tragedia Que Es Chile (The Tragedy That Is Chile) (from Sic Transit Gloria)
01:49:38 Architeuthis Rex – Oikoumene (from Stilbon Is Dead)
01:58:16 Talk break

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