AGB Radio (March 21, 2016)

March 22, 2016

jackie mcdowell - new blood medicine album cover

Holy shit there’s a new Jackie McDowell record!!


AGB Radio 2016/03/21

Background music: Kassel Jaeger, Stephan Mathieu, & Akira Rabelais – Zauberberg (from Zauberberg)

00:00:00 Jackie McDowell – Hyperborea (from New Blood Medicine)
00:04:33 Talk break
00:06:06 Borosilicate Purl – The Cup Was Emptied And Would Never Be Filled Again (from Coalescence)
00:12:47 Dibson T. Hoffweiler – The Goat Water Moon (from Oakland To Sebastopol)
00:23:40 Jakob Pek – Emptiness Smiles (from Emptiness Smiles)
00:28:24 Talk break
00:29:24 Fursaxa – Troglodytes (from Immured)
00:36:27 The Oscillation – Alignment Zone (from Monographic)
00:49:25 Colin Stetson – Sorrow II (from Sorrow – A Reimagining Of Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony)
00:59:34 Talk break
01:01:01 Sarah Hennies – Gather (from Gather & Release)
01:28:01 Talk break
01:28:41 Wydring – Ahold A Wren (from Wyrding)
01:34:08 Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy – Your Heart Is Pure, Your Mind Is Clear, And Your Soul Devout (from Epic Jammers And Fortunate Little Ditties)
01:42:15 France Jobin – N (from Singulum)
01:58:40 Talk break

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