AGB Radio (July 4, 2016)

July 5, 2016

tongues of light album cover

That Tongues Of Light record is absolutely nuts. Love it. And head over to Tyondai’s Bandcamp page to download his excellent new Oranged Out EP, pay what you want and all proceeds go to Everytown For Gun Safety.


AGB Radio 2016/07/04

Background music: Tuluum Shimmering – Flower Dance Song (from Flower Dance Song)

00:00:00 Nested – It Makes Sense (from Nested 4)
00:09:42 Talk break
00:10:58 Cinchel – Suggest Continuing On This Path May Not Be In Your Best Interest (from Do Better)
00:31:05 Talk break
00:31:40 Tiger Village – Jungle Gate (from Tiger Village VI: Effective Living)
00:34:30 Autumn Pool – Always (Orbiculatus Glowing On The Plain) (from Balm In The Night Air)
00:47:18 Offthesky – Form Light (from Silent Went The Sea)
00:58:48 Talk break
00:59:54 Derek Piotr – Shallows (from Drono)
01:11:08 Tongues Of Light – Awakening Side (from Channelled Messages)
01:28:34 Talk break
01:29:44 Vortex – Skyline (from Moloch)
01:40:21 Simon Scott – FloodLines.3 (from Floodlines)
01:49:32 Tyondai Braxton – Greencrop (from Oranged Out)
01:58:33 Talk break

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