AGB Radio (October 3, 2016)

October 4, 2016


we got gospel drone, some more VDSQ solo acoustics, an upcoming Glowing Windows release, the new Vapor Lanes full length, and the return of Milton Bradley’s The End Of All Existence. unstoppable.

AGB Radio 2016/10/03

Background music: HelloYello – Franc Is Low (w/o Interference) (from Make It Fantastic)

00:00:00 Belarisk – N) v)ic3, n) d474 (from Greys, Escaped)
00:06:29 Talk break
00:08:03 Rhein_Strom – Karlsruhe Hafen (from Von Der Rheinquelle Bis Hafen Karlsruhe)
00:14:19 J.H. Guraj – Oh Night (from Underrated Glances At The Edge Of Town)
00:20:28 The End Of All Existence – Choir Of Devastation (from Part III)
00:26:47 Talk break
00:28:16 Carla Dal Forno – Fast Moving Cars (from You Know What It’s Like)
00:31:41 Embargo Effective Immediately – ‘Do Not Dwell With Heretics, And Do Not Have Anything To Do With Rulers’ (from Glone)
00:57:05 Talk break
00:58:38 Eola – And I Know (from Dang)
01:02:25 Eola – Future Hymns (from Dang)
01:05:21 Eola – B And O Blues (from Dang)
01:09:38 Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir – Night (from VDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol. 14)
01:18:44 Katie Gately – Color (from Color)
01:27:51 Talk break
01:29:17 Vapor Lanes – Embers (from Hieratic Teen)
01:39:25 Monadh – Calanque (from Muara)
01:40:47 Stefan Christensen – Feminist (from American Pastoral Again)
01:47:57 Joe Clark – Border Passage (from Throw Me In The Susquehanna)
01:58:17 Talk break

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  1. Interesting blog.
    Ciao from Italy.