AGB Radio (January 30, 2017)

January 31, 2017


You should do two things right away. 1: go download the Physically Sick charity compilation because it goes to good things (ACLU, PP, etc) and is full of righteous tunes and 2: go sign up for Chris Elmore’s Persistence subscription series and get your fix of the high quality special shit all year long.


AGB Radio 2017/01/30

Background music: Beatrice Dillon & Rupert Clervaux – The Same River Twice (from Two Changes)

00:00:00 CEP – Pupil (from Drawing The Target Around The Arrow)
00:05:29 Talk break
00:06:43 Alan Courtis – Estiba (from Los Galpones)
00:21:56 Isabella – Dying And Denying (from Physically Sick)
00:29:28 Talk break
00:30:59 Luciernaga – Untitled III (from Tile III)
00:50:36 Cristian Naldi – Requiem Rurale Parte 1 (from Rurale)
00:59:07 Talk break
01:00:19 Life Education – Acid Owl Meets Eagle Wizard (from Acid Owl)
01:09:30 Christopher Elmore – Lamentation A (from Lamentations)
01:31:08 Talk break
01:32:47 Trevor De Brauw – From The Black Soil Poetry And Song Sprang (from Uptown)
01:44:21 1 Mile North – Broken Corners (from Awakened By Decay)
01:53:49 Desiderii Marginis – The Core Of Hell II (from Songs Over Ruins)
01:58:48 Talk break

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