Lots of premium mixing in this one: Growing & Milton Feher’s guided relaxation techniques, Watusi ceremonial drums & old New England chorals, Aeronaut & Vietnamese song poems, and Rale & Abraham Brun’s cantorials

A weird thing happened with this recording. None of the sounds from the microphone got recorded (yes the mic was turned on). I trimmed out all of the talk breaks because without vocals this episode would’ve just had Ash Koosha’s “Feather” on low volume repeating every 30 minutes or so. Also, I had to mix this down to mono because the turntables were only coming out of one channel. Bad day for recoding, I guess.
Air date: July 19, 2017

00:00:00 Benjamin Reid – Percy Where Him Gone? (from Caribbean Island Music: Songs And Dances Of Haiti, The Dominican Republic & Jamaica)
00:01:54 Vile Creature – A Constant Yearning To Leave (from A Steady Descent Into The Soil)
00:17:11 Unknown artist & St. James Church Congregation – I’ll Meet You On That Other Shore (from I’ll Meet You On That Other Shore)
00:20:43 Popul Vuh – Letzte Tage – Letzte Nächte (from Letzte Tage – Letzte Nächte)
00:24:57 Growing – Fogged / Disembark (from Disorder)
00:26:03 Milton Feher – Relaxation: Body And Mind / Going To Sleep (from Relaxing Body And Mind)
00:45:21 Black Cilice – Timeless Spectre (from Banished From Time)
00:55:13 Ruanda – Watusi musicians – Ceremonial Drums (from African And Afro-American Drums)
00:56:28 Old Sturbridge Singers – Jesus Wept / Kittery / Judea / David’s Lament / Mortality (from The New England Harmony)
01:03:43 Aeronaut – American Gothic / Epilogue (from Aeronaut / Swamp Flower Rhyme Split)
01:07:00 North Vietnamese musicians – Hat A Dao (The Sung Poetry Of North Vietnam): Ba’c Phan (With Poem) / Ty-Ba (With Poem 1st Phrase, 20 Years Ago) / Ty-Ba (1st Phrase… Today) / Ty-Ba (Entire Poem) (from Music from North and South Vietnam: Sung Poetry of the North, Theatre Music of the South)
01:19:05 Abraham Brun – Machnisey Rachamin (from Cantorials, Vol. 3)
01:21:26 Rale – Side B (from Some Kissed Charms That Would Not Protect Them)
01:26:50 Obray Ramsey – Poor Little Ellen (from Good Old Mountain Dew: Banjo Songs Of The Southern Mountains)
01:32:12 Insect Ark – Octavia (from Portal/Well)
01:34:11 Seirom – I Could Not See You Through The Clouds (from And The Light Swallowed Everything)
01:41:16 Ast – Nekrolog Pt. 1 (from Fraktale)
01:45:23 Charley Patton – Moon Going Down (from Founder Of The Delta Blues)

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