Clint Heidorn – Pasadena (Ashes Ashes, 2018)

April 27, 2018

Clint HeidornPalm Nocturne (Ashes Ashes)

If you haven’t been anxiously awaiting a proper LP follow-up to Clint Heidorn’s Atwater from 2011, then this might not seem like anything special, but let me assure you this is A Momentous Occasion. Pasadena has been many years in the making, and it shows, it sounds like Heidorn put every scrap of his soul into this record, it’s full of tenderness and melancholy, a brooding dark folk that’s lush with every instrument he had at his disposal, a kitchen-sink approach to a typically stripped down genre, making for an exceptional & wholly unique sound, like Dirty Three on a dirge binge with a bittersweet drone winding through the sunken melodies, this is where you go after you’ve hit rock bottom depression, crawled your way out and plateaued at a sullen new normal, accepting that the brief slivers of sunlight peaking through the muted fog are the best that Life has to offer. Pasadena is fucking incredible and absolutely worth the wait. He only pressed 134 copies, and it’s been out since early February, so you know what to do.

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One comment on “Clint Heidorn – Pasadena (Ashes Ashes, 2018)

  1. Forever Lurking May 7, 2018

    Man, your recommendations have been spot on. I have been lurking since Planning For Burial mentioned you on his facebook. Seriously, your 2017 end of year list introduced so many of my favourite albums. I even browse through your archives and found more gems.

    I appreciate your work, bruh (sis?).