Magic moon music alongside Haitian vodun rites, sacred harp songs, self-hypnosis, weirdo prog metal, and early German outsider synth experiments.
Air date: July 3, 2019

Background music: Aaron Martin – Open Knee (from Worried About The Fire)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:02:45 Dreadnought – The Waking Realm (from Emergence)
00:16:20 Mohammed Wardi – Al Sourah (from Two Niles To Sing A Melody: The Violins & Synths Of Sudan)
00:25:17 Talk break
00:28:17 Twinsistermoon – Then Fell The Ashes (from Then Fell The Ashes)
00:30:17 Unknown musicians from Mariani, Haiti – Side B (from Vodun-Rada Rite For Erzulie)
00:52:42 Velma Johnson & The Alabama Sacred Harp Singers – The Last Words Of Copernicus (from All Day Singing From The Sacred Harp)
00:55:15 Talk break
00:58:40 Lord Time – Side B (from Black Hole At The End Of The Tunnel)
01:17:23 Roberto Musci – Tantric Hymns (from The Loa Of Music)
01:22:06 David “Honeyboy” Edwards – Blue World All The Time (from Mississippi Delta Bluesman)
01:25:41 Talk break
01:28:15 Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma – Intemporel / Harmonium Odyssey / Le Temps Spiral (from Intemporel)
01:30:10 Arthur Sontged – Side C (from Are You Ready To Use Self-Hypnotism To Make Life Give You What You Want?)
01:50:27 Ursula Bogner – Soloresonanzen (from Recordings 1969-1988)
01:55:36 Talk break

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