I Have An Addiction And I’m Selling My Record Collection

February 28, 2020

Open house update: I’m postponing the open house. New date TBA.

I recently admitted to myself and my family that I have a compulsive buying disorder (aka shopping addiction). I racked up multiple thousands of dollars in debt, opened multiple credit cards, etc. On average, I purchased one record every day for 11 years straight. In 2019 alone, I averaged $1000 every month on records. So I’m selling my records in an attempt to recover some of the money I spent but never had to begin with and in the hopes of moving toward having a healthier relationship with music that doesn’t involve addiction.

This post serves two purposes. First, I want to be open about my problems so maybe others having similar problems can feel less alone or less ashamed. The more that people talk about things like this, the less stigma there will be, and the easier it will be for addicts to seek help. The second purpose is to let you know how I’m selling my records and how you might be able to buy some.

I’ve been quietly selling the higher-end items on Discogs for a few weeks. There are still some for sale there. Everything there is $50 or higher. However, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life running a distro shop out of my house, so what’s on Discogs now is likely all that will ever be for sale there.

Before selling everything to some record shop/dealer, I’d like to do some more direct sales with local acquaintances. So I’m going to be running an open house of sorts. Saturday, March 14th, from noon to 4. You can come to my house and shop through my collection. In general, prices will be 25% off the price of the lowest currently available on Discogs. I’ll take cash, PayPal, and Venmo.

I want to minimize the amount of time spent on packing and mailing records from online sales, which is why I limited my Discogs shop to more valuable items. However, if you’re not close enough to come to the open house, I will consider mailing records to you if it’s enough to make it worth my time.

I have a spreadsheet online that contains almost everything in my collection. It’s broken down by genre, albeit very broad, but it’s how the records are shelved in reality. You can take a look and see if i have anything you’d be interested in buying. I’m going to try to keep it updated by highlighting or removing items that have sold or aren’t available anymore.

I’m in Salem, Massachusetts but I’m not publishing my address publicly. For more info about my records and the open house, email recordaddict@antigravitybunny.com. If you can’t make the open house but still want to stop by, let me know and we can work out another time that works for you.

P.S. I still intend to continue A Thick Mist, it just won’t be a vinyl-only show.

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