Kassel Jaeger Jim O’Rourke - In Cobalt Aura Sleeps album cover
This is a pretty heavy & dark episode with tons of collaging (there’s 4 songs going at once for part of “Blood Rite”) but ends on a light note with some simultaneous Jobin/Atkinson action and a couple 80s New Age dreams.

00:00:00 Vulgarite – They Will Fall (from Fear Not The Dark Nor The Sun’s Return)
00:06:30 Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong – Blue Tunnel Fields (from The Harmonic Series)
00:06:53 Mai 12 – Turquoise, Grey, White, Black (from Relatives Schoensein)
00:07:01 Ursula K. Le Guin – The Escape (excerpt) (from The Left Hand Of Darkness)
00:18:47 Terminal Nation – Expired Utopia (from Holocene Extinction)
00:19:38 Dead Neanderthals – Blood Rite (from Blood Rite)
00:23:11 Old Tower – The Fallen One (from The Last Eidolon)
00:25:40 Fossil Aerosol Mining Project – Caatfin (from Scaath Catfish)
00:28:19 Kassel Jaeger & Jim O’Rourke – In Cobalt Aura Sleeps 2 (from In Cobalt Aura Sleeps)
00:49:32 Vile Creature – Glory! Glory! Apathy Took Helm! (from Glory! Glory! Apathy Took Helm!)
01:03:27 Enya – Water Shows The Hidden Heart (from Amarantine)
01:08:01 Hilary Woods – Through The Dark, Love (from Birthmarks)
01:13:04 Phurpa – 01(3) (from Hymns Of Gyer)
01:13:43 Various – tracks 14, 8, 4, 5, 19, 7 (from Spectra Ex Machina: A Sound Anthology Of Occult Phenomena 1920-2017 Vol.1)
01:30:46 France Jobin – Inertia (from Death Is Perfection, Everything Else Is Relative)
01:30:46 Félicia Atkinson – I Can’t Stop Thinking About It (from Everything Evaporate)
01:45:51 Mimi Izumi Kobayashi – Meditation In The Water (from Seaside Memories – Poesy Of The Island)
01:52:02 Pete Bardens – The Stargate (from Seen One Earth)

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