Got inspired to do an entire episode of soundtracks. Mostly horror and sci-fi stuff, there’s a pretty good mix of new and old. The bit with Upstream Color & Annihilation is fuckin crazy.

Background music: Popol Vuh – Vergegenwärtigung (From Aguirre Soundtrack)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:01:23 Gil Mellé – Strobe Crystal Green (From The Andromeda Strain Soundtrack)
00:06:22 Pino Donaggio – Two Evil Eyes (From Two Evil Eyes Soundtrack)
00:13:58 Giuliano Sorgini – Amboselli (From Zoo Folle Soundtrack)
00:20:01 Fred Karlin – Robot Repair (From Westworld Soundtrack)
00:20:15 Disasterpeace – The Gauntlet (From Hyper Light Drifter Soundtrack)
00:24:19 Les Baxter – Reincarnation (From The Dunwich Horror Soundtrack)
00:29:45 Philip Glass – Floating Candyman (From The Music Of Candyman)
00:36:50 Talk break
00:39:20 Bruno Nicolai – La Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte (Preludio & Titoli) (From La Dama Rossa Uccide Sette Volte Soundtrack)
00:43:01 Eduard Artemiev – Untitled (6) (From Solaris Soundtrack)
00:43:25 Sarah Connolly – Fragments Of A Prayer (From Fragments Of A Prayer: Children Of Men Soundtrack)
00:50:19 Mica Levi – Alien Loop (From Under The Skin Soundtrack)
00:58:43 Talk break
01:00:238 Paul Giovanni – Festival / Mirie It Is / Sumer Is A-Cumen In (From The Wicker Man Soundtrack)
01:02:41 Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow – The Alien (From Annihilation Soundtrack)
01:05:45 Shane Carruth – A Low And Distant Sound Gradually Swelling And Increasing (From Upstream Color Soundtrack)
01:14:23 Andrzej Korzyński – Kreuzberg 1 (From Possession Soundtrack)
01:16:23 Lubos Fiser – And The Lasat (From Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders Soundtrack)
01:19:37 Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – The Boat (From Valhalla Rising Soundtrack)
01:21:37 Ferde Grofé – Exploring The Red Planet (From Rocketship X-M Soundtrack)
01:29:51 John Harrison – Henry Leaves Wilma A Note (From Creepshow Soundtrack)
01:34:06 Talk break
01:36:41 Nino Rota – Il Duca Di Wurttenberg (From Il Casanova Di Federico Fellini Soundtrack)
01:36:42 Richard Band – Quinn Attacks The Remaining Few/Dv-8 Robot Re-Activated (From Crash And Burn Soundtrack)
01:42:20 Elmer Bernstein – Space Murder (From Saturn 3 Soundtrack)
01:46:01 Christopher Young – The Hider (From Hider In The House Soundtrack)
01:49:43 Ryuichi Sakamoto – The Seed And The Sower (From Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Soundtrack)
01:57:52 Brian Reitzell – Soon There Will Be Just Five (From 30 Days Of Night Soundtrack)
02:04:08 Bobby Krlic – Fire Temple (From Midsommar Soundtrack)
02:13:41 Talk break

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