AGB Radio 11/16

November 16, 2010

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I rambled on for a bit longer than I usually do and had to cut out a few songs I had planned. Oh well. Next week.

One of the things I was talking so much about was my friend’s missing dog. Her name is Marisol, she’s wicked fucking cute, and she’s currently surviving somewhere in the Medford area. If you live anywhere near there, or even go there occasionally, please check out for info on how you can help.

Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio 11/16
Caldera Lakes – Contained Etherealness
Death To The King – The Spirits Of Dead Magicians
Ashra – Sunrain
Brian Grainger – Diamond Tears On Slate
Metal Rouge – The Sunshine Path
Jumpel – Things Are Different
Scout Niblett – Bargin
TOMO – Sliding Milky Way Paradise Lost Blues
Altar Eagle – Honey
Date Palms – Psalm 7
Envy – Worn Heels and the Hands We Hold
Psychic Ills – Second Sight
Joseph McNulty – Heckscher
Minamo + Lawrence English – Glimmer
The Fun Years – Get Out Of The Obese Crowd
Amiina – Ásinn
Kids & Explosions – Girls
Megabats – Goes To A Lemon
Pumice – Tackle The Streaming Heap
Mountain Main – Dog Song

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