Twells & Christensen – Coasts (Digitalis, 2010)

December 14, 2010

Twells & ChristensenBurning Bridges Together

The names Twells & Christensen might not really perk your ears up unless you know your shit. But this is John Twells, aka Xela, and Matt Christensen of Zelienople. YEAH. I know, right? Plus, it was spit out in one weekend & made entirely with vintage equipment. +5 novelty points. Bet you’re excited now.

These two dudes are like a match made in heaven. Coasts is a mystical drone affair that travels the globe dazzling virgin ears with its beauty. There’s just two tracks and together they break 45 minutes, nice long pieces that suck you in and wrap you in semi-blown out textural sun drones. Twells’ signature angelic vocals make the rounds, comforting you while some haunting undertones seep through. Mostly serene with a vague urgency, a sense of calm before the flight.

The B side is a way more cheap cialis ireland evil, starting out with buzzing pulses of growling space demons that amp up into a wall of threatening feedback. Christensen takes the vocal reigns, although if Digitalis didn’t mention it, I probably wouldn’t have known it wasn’t Twells. But this is a bad motherfucker of a track. Hardened dark space, dying stars collapsing into wormholes, anti-matter coalescing and igniting rampant wildfires, beauty in chaos, harmony in static, black creates & destroys. This is a journey into the celestial wastelands where the only thing left is magnificence.

Coasts is fucking spectacular. Truly some of the best drone work this year. I could listen to these guys make music forever. Twells & Christensen should drop the “collaboration” title and just make it a regular thing. Put out records like a normal band, make everyone happy, maybe become Drone Gods in the process?

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One comment on “Twells & Christensen – Coasts (Digitalis, 2010)

  1. treakiepop Dec 16, 2010

    Brilliant! thankyou ….vinyl only and couldn’t afford until payday….. :)

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