Jüppala Kääpiö – Tomentum Totem (Peasant Magik, 2010)

January 28, 2011

Jüppala KääpiöZephyr

Note: I got a massive batch of 15 tapes from Peasant Magik. I debated on either giving a few of them the regular full blown review treatment or doing the burst shot quick & dirty reviews to get through as many as possible. I chose the latter. So this is one in a slew of short portraits of some of the newest Peasant Magik releases.
Excessive umlauts aside, husband/wife duo Jüppala Kääpiö are super awesome, bringing the freaky folk drone thing to crazy new heights. 2 tracks are home recorded and 1 is a live piece from a 2010 show in Switzerland, it’s amazing how many layers just two people can make. Transcendental psych drones weave & tumble, creating fluttering tapestries conjured out of instruments I’ve probably never heard of from countries I can’t pronounce. Forest chimes jangle over scratchy strings and sun dappled streams flow through magic shaman villages where the chanting mantras & rituals run wild. Lots of folky elements but not too earthy for my tastes. Plenty of pleasing harmonies to keep your euphoria going strong.

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