Hunted Creatures / Blown Doors Split (905 Tapes, 2010)

March 25, 2011

Hunted CreaturesRoom With A View

Download Hunted Creatures / Blown Doors Split
Ryan Emmett of Hunted Creatures and the Dynamo Sound Collective label gave me the heads up that the Blown Doors split on 905 from last year was kaput and they wanted to start spreading the good sounds to the rest of the world who missed out.

Hunted Creatures is no longer an Emmett solo project, he’s quadrupled in size & awesomeness. I’m not certain, but I think this tape might be the first HC release that has them as a four piece now. Their three tracks are a wacky noisey spray that’s way more textured & varied than Emmett’s old droney ways. More instruments, more ambient destruction, darkly twisted, endlessly foreboding, waiting to tar your heart.

Blown Doors’s side is one 28 minute piece of deep end bass blow outage, static explosions, hissing, piercing, pulsing devils. It’s way dark, gritty as shit, consuming by way of collapsing, terror from a swampy Elm St. It bubbles & builds to a pure fucking carnage singularity. Definitely not to be missed. SO goddamn cool. And now, free.

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