May 20, 2011

Stylin’ Campin’ via

I’m giving yall some deathly tunes to prepare yourselves for the upcoming apocalypse. Harold Camping has predicted that The Rapture is this buy cialis online forum Saturday, May 21, 2011 and who am I to disagree? He wouldn’t just make something like that up, right? I mean, The Bible guarantees it! So I figured that since I’m obviously going to HEAVEN, I should make one last mix and pack it full of killer jams that I’d be proud to listen to as I get sucked up out of my clothes.

Making this mix was insanely fun and, GOD FORBID you make it past this Saturday, I recommend making an Apocamix yourself. ‘Cause ya never know when you’re gonna need another one.

1. Silver Quintette – Sinners Crossroads
2. Sorrows – Despair
3. Giles Corey – Empty Church
4. Voltaic Omen – The Hemophiliac
5. The Body – Empty (Suiciety)
6. Monument – When I Wake Up After Thy Image, I Shall Be Satisfied
7. Bethíoch – The Great Beast
8. Eleh – Death Is Eternal Bliss
9. Life In The Dark – The Sunya Is Rising (Planning For Burial Remix)
10. Troum – Procession
11. Gareth Davis & Steve R. Smith – Birds As Passing Souls
12. Jefferson Pitcher – There Is Dying

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One comment on “APOCAMIX

  1. Ashley May 21, 2011

    Blastin’ this riiiight now.