William Bowers – Post Modern (Haute Magie, 2011)

September 21, 2011

William BowersNight Moves On Shallow Ground (Haute Magie)

Synthed out electro-semi-acoustic “post modernism.” j/k there’s nothing really post modern about this. Still pretty fucking cool though. Blade Runner-esque city-soundscapes, exceptionally soundtracky and occasionally danceable. Like a slice from an awesome theme to a bad 80s movie, caught in a loop and repeated for minutes on end for maximum spacing outing, total kosmische sprawl with field recordings of who knows what and drones from harmonic thrones, ambient pianos meld seamlessly with glitches electronics, mixed fidelities throwing grit & crunch into an otherwise smooth & creamy tune. A bleary album of strange awe & slight bewilderment. Yup. Pretty fucking cool.

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