Sound And Light: Karnak Temples – Thebes Of The Hundred Gates (Sono Cairo A. V., 1970?)

September 26, 2011

Download Sound And Light: Karnak Temples – Thebes Of The Hundred Gates

I work in the Simmons College Archives now, and that means I find a lot of weird cool shit. 99% of the time it’s not really something I can use or take, though. Because it belongs to the Archives. Duh. But one of the graduate student workers was going through a recently acquired manuscript collection from a worldly old lady and found this tape with a dozen accompanying slides. It had no research value and was only tangentially related to the rest of the stuff in the collection. So when I yelled “Holy shit that looks awesome!” my boss let me take the tape. And the slides.

This is a tape that someone who went to the Sound And Light buy cialis viagra online show at the Karnak Temples in Egypt would buy as a souvenir. Not having gone to the show myself, I can’t say if this is a recording of the show or if it goes above & beyond. I have no idea. All I know is this tape is crazy weird and hilarious. I think it’s from the ’70s and it’s filled with dramatic music, cheesy as hell scripting, and people with British accents pretending to be ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

And then there’s the slides (which I scanned and included in the download). Who goes to a place and buys pictures? Never understood that. Weird shit abound with this one you guys. Download at your own risk.

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2 comments on “Sound And Light: Karnak Temples – Thebes Of The Hundred Gates (Sono Cairo A. V., 1970?)

  1. Charlie Oct 9, 2011

    Hey, I just found this in a flea market. I think it’s charming: the old voice actors are very Burton/Taylor era and the whole thing has a very classic, De Mille/Harryhausen flavor of the ancient world, like those old technicolor movies.

  2. Charlie Oct 9, 2011

    And they bought photos because not everyone had a camera in those days and those that did had to have a very level of skill to take an excellent picture (Do YOU know how to set aperture and film speed for early morning light? Or how to take a picture without flash after dark with a tripod without a digital camera to help you do EVERYTHING?).

    Photography was a SKILL before digital automatic. You needed to train to do it well.