Mirror To Mirror – Here You Leave Today (Cylindrical Habitat Modules / Jugular Forest, 2011)

October 19, 2011

Mirror To MirrorMoment Of Clarity (Cylindrical Habitat Modules / Jugular Forest)

Alex Twomey has been running around making music as/with 1958-2009, Persimmons Pomegranate, Deep Jew, and Black Irish, and overseeing the Jugular Forest label, so, unsurprisingly, this is his first foray as Mirror To Mirror on the sweet vinyl. Here You Leave Today is full of charming synth sequences that fade in and out of static sky drone, pure & heavenly. It’s like a pastel oil slick, blue, pink, green, gold, all the parts identifiable but swirled together into homogenous ultra-harmonies. Ambient pop fit for a Renaissance Court, jesters juggling, candy eating, 100% playtime. Unwavering drones, settled in the front of your head, opening up new levels of consciousness, stunned sun hypnosis, in-fucking-credible. Seriously wonderful stuff on here. Can’t get enough.

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