Sculpture – Toad Blinker (Dekorder, 2011)

October 28, 2011

SculptureElk Cloner (Dekorder)

A music/animation duo with a “psychophonotropic picture disc LP.” Basically, two dudes whose live show is better than their records so they compensate by making zoetropic LPs. Super fucking cool zoetropic LPs. These guys sound like a collab between an ADHD Boards Of Canada and a noisier Andrew Douglas Rothbard on LSD. Some crazy shit in here. It’s a techno glitch madhouse with ’50s avant garde electronics & sci-fi sounds, ’60s psych, and ’70s film score snippets. Truly the wackiest wonkiest beats around, dubby trip hop going toe to toe with breakcore, max chill groovin with acid freakouts, sequenced synth loops and glittery robotronics strolling through the common, all manner of awesome thrown into a blender, soundtracking the only kind of club I’d ever want to go to. Digital music that most certainly belongs on the turntable. See the zoetrope in action and while you’re at it check out the brand new video for “Elk Cloner.”

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