Benoît Honoré Pioulard – Plays Thelma (Desire Path, 2011)

November 3, 2011

Benoît Honoré PioulardMalick (Desire Path)

Pioulard taking a step away from the lo-fi dreamy popness on those amazing Kranky records. Still 100% sun soaked beauty but now losing its shape a little, turning into a more abstract field of waving drones, harmonium & guitar humming sweet, gliding effortlessly through harmonies, wrapping everything in dappled gold. Warmth abound, everything soft, slow, & absolutely perfect, something that resonates with me way more than anything he’s done before. Another contender for droner of the year for sure. Totally fucking gorgeous. Would truly love it he continued in this direction, as Plays Thelma only clocks in at a criminal 23 minutes. And only 300 copies pressed. Pick one up while he tours with A Winged Victory For The Sullen who for some stupid fucking reason are SKIPPING BOSTON SRSLY WTF.

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