Super Minerals – Contacteer (Stunned, 2011)

November 8, 2011

Super MineralsEarth Acropolis Welcomes Panacea Home: Man The Rod, Woman The Measure, And Metabolising All Their Poisons With Ease (Stunned)

The coolest jumbled mess of a tape. Two side long pieces of weirdness meandering through a hundred different electronic sounds, all murky as fuck and screaming bogs ‘n’ caves. Dank clicks & pops, swamp gas lighting up the thick fog, every little drip echoing for miles, depths unknown, deformed tweaked out monsters lurching in the dark, droozy cycles forming half-hearted beats, sustained drones created out of resonant walls, moaning chants, bicycle bells & distant guitars, chirps clattering, pulsing, weaving twisted melody dreams. A fucked ‘n’ drugged journey through the abstract. Awesome as hell, as expected from Stunned and this duo that’s still too way under the radar.

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