Dolores – To Die No More (Fern & Moss, 2011)

November 11, 2011

DoloresCollapse Earth Into Light (Fern & Moss)

Download To Die No More

/black grey harmony/
/in bleak, subtle drone, find peace/
/dreadful bliss, skyward/

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11 comments on “Dolores – To Die No More (Fern & Moss, 2011)

  1. something about a naked woman and an upside down cross made me want to download this before i even read your words.

  2. fuck! this does not disappoint! i kinda want to release this on CD.

  3. antigravitybunny Nov 13, 2011

    Yeah! That cover art is awesome. Also, I think Fern & Moss do some sort of physical releases. It sounds weird though. Their Bandcamp page says “Cassettes and Cd-rs are handmade and will be free upon request. If shipping is required then I only ask that you pay for that. Please Email for all requests.”

  4. monicker Nov 16, 2011

    you can tell she is somewhere in the desert

    square and boxed white walls
    geothermal heating grate
    she shows her bare flesh

    fern and moss released another side a/b cassette by an artist called naturlich check it out

  5. Hey Thom,
    I help Fern and Moss and am responsible for dolores. if you wanna do a CD release I would be very excited to do that.
    please email me at haha
    Thanks again to antigravitybunny for the haiku and the promotion. and also, I am working on a release with pillowdiver in the near future so look for that as well!

  6. dan woodsy Dec 13, 2011

    too bad this cover art was stolen and used without permission. fuck dolores.

  7. antigravitybunny Dec 14, 2011

    Holy shit dude, that sucks! Do you have any info on the original? Who owns it, a link, etc…

  8. dan woodsy Dec 15, 2011

    i am close friends with the original artist. i believe she is already trying to resolve things with whoever is behind dolores, but i do know that she is offended/hurt/frustrated.

  9. nicholas Dec 19, 2011

    dan LOL.

    maybe the two of them could work things out.

    they are BOTH beautiful artists… why not sort out their differences?

    pretty sure he just found the picture on the internet,

    we’re all the same.

  10. so was a resolution ever reached? I’m interested.

  11. You can find us at Fern & Moss bandcamp,

    Dolores 2011
    Naturalliche 2011
    Black With Sap
    Fern & Moss