Patrick Emm – Trash Playback Forms (YDLMIER, 2011)

November 16, 2011

Patrick EmmSleep Eater (YDLMIER)

More Boston on Boston love with this one. Emm is somewhat of a newcomer, although he’s still shown his awesomeness on his debut Mythics. This tape is a whole other beast, though. It’s dark as hell and full of sci-fi horror electronics, brittle contact mic static, clattery field recordings, and warped tape fuckery. These are the dark sounds that emanate from the recesses of your dirty basement. Sounds of paranoia & terror, swampy bubbling & eery chirps, didgeridoo electronic waves, muffled percussive field recordings, woozy synths, shrieking high end whines, haunted echoes from the shadows, heaving drones rumbling below everything. This tape is 100% cool and totally recommended. Perfect for all y’all scuzzy folks.

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One comment on “Patrick Emm – Trash Playback Forms (YDLMIER, 2011)

  1. Absolutely love this.

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