Ous Mal / Bedroom Bear Split (Full Of Nothing, 2011)

January 5, 2012

Ous MalMetsien Hämy (Full Of Nothing)


Finland’s now defunct Ous Mal makes one of his last outings on a split with Russia’s Bedroom Bear. Ous Mal’s side is absolutely killer, a cracked bliss that will surely be missed. Some songs have a way about them similar to the recent surge of instrumental hip hop jams except the beats here hit as soft as your grandma’s punches. The rest are a warped & blurry bedroom pop, droned in the best way with zero sense of urgency, moth eaten and full of holes like it’s been tucked away in the attic for half a century.

Bedroom Bear cheap online pharmacy us takes a slightly more dramatic approach to the bedroom pop, permeated with a low-key psych sound, waves of the bizarre melting into dream-like drifts of noise, all while still being chill as fuck and totally blissful. One track is like a nap on the beach with waves lapping at the shore and the creatures of the coast singing about how awesome life is. Doesn’t get much better than that.

A truly great split, limited as expected, and on the increasingly awesome Russian label Full Of Nothing. Wholly worth your while.

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3 comments on “Ous Mal / Bedroom Bear Split (Full Of Nothing, 2011)

  1. that track is so beautiful! sucks it’s sold out.

  2. A re-issue is coming up, not to worry!

  3. Ous Mal is defunct in name only – the sound remains the same, though under a new name, Nuojuva.

    The Nuojuva album ‘Valot kaukaa’ is out in February – music to hear soon!

    Best and thanks,


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