Amour & Discipline

March 12, 2012

Here’s something to get excited about. A new site that’s both webzine collective and donation platform! Seriously. This newly launched site, Amour & Discipline, is the real deal. The contributors to the webzine are like a fuckin who’s who of the coolest dudes alive. Check out this ridiculous lineup:

Aguirre Records, Amen Dunes, Astral Social Club, Ben Greenberg (Zs, Hubble), Ben McOsker (Load Records), Brad Rose (Digitalis), Bruno Dorella (Bar la Muerte records, OvO…), Carla Bozulich, Chris Corsano, Clint Simonson (De Stijl records), Dan Deacon, Dean Spunt (No Age, Post Present Medium), Deerhoof, Dustin Wong, Efrim Manuel Menuck (Godspeedyoublackemperor/A Silver Mt Zion/Constellation), Eli Keszler, EMA, Ensemble Economique, Giuseppe Ielasi, Jakub Adamek (Weed Temple), Japanther, Jeffrey Lewis, Jon Hency (Bathetic Records), Julian Lynch, Justice Yeldham, Kemialliset Ystävät, Lightning Bolt, Liars, Mount Eerie, Orange Milk Records, Prince Rama, Scout Niblett, Sculpture, Senufo Editions, Shawn Reed (Wet hair/Night People), Sore Eros, Sun Araw, Sunburned Hand, Tape Drift Records, The Ex, Volcano The Bear, Xiu Xiu

And I only mentioned the best. The best of the best. That’s what this is. The full list of contributors is posted on the site, with more to come.

Ok, so another music blog thing is good and all, especially with such a unique collection of voices as A&D is offering, but we already got lots of those. Not a lot of innovation there. But then there’s the donation platform, and that’s where this gets really awesome.

Imagine this. You’re off torrenting some obscure band’s discography because everything’s long sold out (you’re late to the party) and you think to yourself, I just acquired 3 straight days worth of music that someone poured their heart and soul into, and I got it for nothing. You think maybe I could be only half-asshole and donate some dollars directly to an artist. Because you consider yourself a semi-decent human being or something. I dunno. Or maybe you just downloaded some free ‘n’ legal album that a band posted and decide later you want to give them money. Amour & Discipline is allowing you to do exactly that.

They have a massive database of bands & labels that you can give money to via A&D, and if the artist you want to support isn’t in their database, A&D will track them down for you. The only money that isn’t going directly to the artist is to cover bank fees. That’s it.

I probably did a shitty job explaining things, but that’s the general gist of it. Amour & Discipline have short & full manifestos for your perusal that do a way better job getting the point across.

The donation platform should be rolling out very soon, but until then go explore the rest of the site. There’s already a bunch of blog posts from the likes of Dustin Wong and Eric Hardiman. This has the potential to be something truly great. I hope it goes even beyond that. Godspeed, Amour & Discipline!

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