Nicholas Szczepanik – The Truth Of Transience (Isounderscore, 2012)

March 28, 2012

Nicholas SzczepanikI (excerpt) (Isounderscore)

The other side of Szczepanik, the perfect foil to We Make Life Sad, both marking his first foray into vinyl territory. Where that one was a bunch of short looped pieces full of half-forgotten memories and lo-fi crackle, this has two side-long pieces that let Szczepanik work his magic on subtlety and the slow burn. The first side has a wonderful long form rhythm, it starts out menacing, all horror movie suspense style, with percussive gong-like warnings and imitation bowed cymbals, turning into a loud and blissfully unnerving swirl that eventually fades to nothing, buy viagra cialis levitra online changing into something quiet, delicate, effortlessly building into a heavenly choir of tones, stunning and overwhelming, but restrained. The B side is all or nothing, beginning with a barely there minimalism, completely ethereal, that imperceptibly grows, a seamless pairing of the bliss & unsettling sounds from before, a glorious wall of beauty & fear, but calm, serene, something you welcome and celebrate, this is the sound of enlightenment that Kubrick should have used in 2001. Transience has all the makings of a perfect record and there’s nothing standing in its way to take the crown in 2012.

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3 comments on “Nicholas Szczepanik – The Truth Of Transience (Isounderscore, 2012)

  1. It’s my favourite Szczepanik record so far. Excellent review.

  2. Jake Cunnane Mar 30, 2012

    I want this so badly, but for some reason I can’t get to the Isounderscore website. Can anyone help out?

  3. antigravitybunny Mar 30, 2012

    Jake, I think Brandon might be having some problems with the site. It’s not just you. I’d give it some time, or contact him directly via info [at[ isounderscore [dot] com. I’m sure Nicholas probably has a few copies as well.