Paintings For Animals – Thee Body Ov Worship (House Of Alchemy, 2012)

April 10, 2012

Paintings For AnimalsSun Psalms (House Of Alchemy)

A new killer tape on House Of Alchemy from Painting For Animals, some dude who calls himself Pær Svn, which may or may not be a legitimate name in another language? I don’t know. What I do know is that this is some deep shit, hardcore doom drones for cracking open the inner self. Two side long pieces, a psalm each for the Sun & Moon, two sides of the same coin, not exactly sonic opposites, conjuring the light & dark (respectively) but both definitely cemented in the underworld. Like Phurpa or Zurvan or any of those tantric minimalists, Thee Body Ov Worship is full of densely immobile darkness, slow drifts of blackened feedback and incessant rumbling, meditative buzz & hum that bores deep in your skull, all penetrating, ever present, and as welcome as an infinite sleep at journey’s end. Totally fucking awesome. Nothing quite like this. The tape is limited as tapes usually are, but is still available as far as I know. If not, head to PFA’s Bandcamp and pay whatever you want for it or anything else in his back catalog.

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