Padme – Wisdom From The Stars (SicSic, 2012)

April 27, 2012

PadmeCreated In Their Image (SicSic)

This dude is a bit mysterious. Sisto Rossi, from Germany, put out a lot of underground stuff maybe? Now he’s moved to the US and this might be his last tape? I don’t know. It’s not that important. Wisdom From The Stars is though. This is some grand shit. Looong stretched out synth jams that are pure. evil. Old school horror score style but planted firmly in the sci-fi genre. Deep dark drones sprawling out into the unknown, haunted spaceships, cockpits gone haywire, red machine eyes giving you the staredown, distant pulsars making tiny waves on your pulsar-meters, minimal slabs of synth, bubbling & chirping synths, all manner of sci-fi terror drone rolled into one brilliant hour-long tape of desolation. Sadly already sold out at the label, so check yer distros and knab the digital if all else fails.

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