Funeral Hymn

June 1, 2012

source: Pflügen by Hugo Henneberg

This mix serves two purposes. I’m attending a funeral, so I’ll be afAGB for a few days. This should keep you occupied until I return. Also, we can consider this technically the first mix as part of the fundraising rewards mix series, but not the official “fundraising award” mix, so if you donated, don’t worry that you didn’t get this before everyone else. This is the first doom mix I’ve made, and since I’ve been really into Pallbearer’s Sorrow And Extinction and since I’ll be a pallbearer at the service, I thought it would be appropriate to include something off of it, but they just didn’t fit the feel. Instead, this is over an hour of black doom, deathdoom, funeral doom (obviously), all things crushing, depressing, and destructive. Enjoy the weekend.
Download Funeral Hymn
1. Mourner – The Death Posture
2. Worship – Endzeit Elegy
3. Fister – Violence II: The An Lushan Rebellion
4. Ataraxie – Funeral Hymn
5. My Shameful – The Return To Nothing
6. Atriarch – Shadows
7. Faustcoven – Lost In The Forest Of Suicide
8. Coffinworm – Blood Born Doom
9. Otesanek – Vacant Stare Of The Wounded Psyche (Aka Deference Of Hope)

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