The Space Age / The Age Of Reliability (Raybestos-Manhattan, 1962)

June 6, 2012

Download The Space Age / The Age Of Reliability

This is the first official reward that is a direct result of the fundraising successes. I promised more mixes and more old weird records, and this falls firmly into the latter. Very cool record that’s essentially a collage of the sounds leading up to and contributing to “The Space Age” (mostly ’50s & early ’60s). There’s a lengthy list of sounds on the back of the jacket (a scan of it is included in the download) cheap cialis next day shipping including “heartbeat of the dog, Laika, in Sputnik II,” “blast furnace warning whistle,” “Model ‘A’ Ford,” “atom bomb,” “electronic digital computer programmed to play music,” “bowling ball,” “Adolf Hitler,” “multi-frequency telephone tones,” “Air raid – London,” “test firing of various rockets and missiles,” “Alan Shepard during re-entry of space capsule, Freedom 7” and tons of other shit. Fun stuff. Whoever compiled this must’ve had a fucking blast.

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