Moonshine Blues – Through (self released, 2012)

June 19, 2012

Moonshine BluesRevelations (self released)

Killer new drones coming out of Ukraine from this dude Alex Sakevych (aka Endless Melancholy). Moonshine Blues is Sakevych’s, umm, other drone project with a sad bastard name. Not too sure of this distinctions between the two, but Through is some truly outstanding shit. Strings & reeds style lushness with dense dark sweeps of sound, some crackly Basinski rumble, cinematic mini-blowouts, all of this with a massive cloud of sadness that never leaves. Sakevych is playing like he knows true grief, his drones are choked up with a blissful despair that take gloom to the next level. This is the best kind of stuff, unbelievably gorgeous and overwhelmingly somber. Floating in the grey and rapt in heartache, while sheets & swells of euphoria shimmer in the dark, dragged to the edge of oblivion and left alone, regretting everything, hopeless. This is the real deal, top notch bottom dollar stuff, waiting for you to call it your favorite.

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