Radiant Husk – Atolls (Faulkner, 2011)

June 29, 2012

Radiant HuskUntitled (2) (Faulkner)

A recently submitted tape from last year that mysteriously didn’t get much press. No idea why, this thing is awesome. Radiant Husk is the solo project of Matt Erickson (Bezoar Formations controller, half of Sudden Oak), this is full of some impossible to ignore murky sax drones. Not like that Stetson dude, this is more of a saxophoned Animal Hospital dipped in syrup. Like if the Cosby Show fell face first into the bottom of a muddy well and was crying for help, or a swarm of wasps in attack buy cialis online 10mg formation that zooms right up and hovers inches from your face going “Not touching you! Not touching you!” Sounds of mourning Victorian foghorns shouting out into the foggy black, all call, no response. A lamenting bittersweet ballad, stretched out and minimized to a partly cloudy swansong, beautiful and blurry. Not sure of the limitedness of Atolls but there’s definitely still some available. This is an overlooked gem and you’d be doing yourself a favor by picking it up.

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