Superstorms – Superstorms (Experimedia, 2012)

October 11, 2012

SuperstormsPart 2 (Experimedia)

Fuuuuuuuck, this is it, this is one of my favorite records this year. Superstorms is the new project of Michael Tolan (involved with Tusco Terror, Trouble Books, Moustache Mountain, Talons’) and this album is drop dead fucking gorgeous. It’s harsher than Tim Hecker at his harshest, it’s October Language smashed into a noise wall, it’s the best fucking thing ever. Crushed bits and burnt clouds, a blurred fury dipped in bliss, sunsets viewed through a grit lens, a trillion grey sky pixels fractured with the glow shining through, brittle static & warm drones blown out, scratched out, washed out, a euphoria for the pink noise lovers, devastatingly beautiful and everything I want in a record. Superstorms is a goddamn triumph. The kind of record you give a permanent home on its own dedicated turntable. Too limited at only 300 (vinyl) copies but absolutely essential. Do not miss this.

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2 comments on “Superstorms – Superstorms (Experimedia, 2012)

  1. so you think this is going on the year’s best? you are doing a year’s best again, right? please tell me that the answer is yes.

  2. man, i hate to double comment on the same post, but i’m listening to this again now and just like blissing out. thanks for the tip.