Sujo & Sun Hammer – Fistula (Inam / Music Ruins Lives, 2012)

October 23, 2012

Sujo & Sun HammerOSD (Inam / Music Ruins Lives)

Two of the awesomest noise dudes joining teams for a record of absolutely killer fucking drones. Fistula takes on the minimal and the harsh, devastating abrasion and delicate clicks, working in both of Sujo’s & Sun Hammer’s own styles. This is a massive album, huge walls of speaker shredding noise that soothe the inner beast, blissed out darkness, a desolate, frozen tundra that hasn’t seen snowfall in months, white noise that turns in on itself, unnerving high end with bleak industrial feedback, hints of Sujo’s metalgaze balanced out with Sun Hammer’s bleak subtleties, these guys work incredibly well together, pushing for sounds neither have done on their own, coming up with something that’s a shining star in both of their catalogues. In short, fucking essential. Sujo’s home label Inam is taking care of the CD, out any day now, and Music Ruins Lives is indulging all you tape nerds sometime in the near future.

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