Sujo – Kahane (Fedora Corpse, 2012)

November 19, 2012

SujoAchille (Fedora Corpse)

One of my favorite dudes finally gets his jams pressed to wax. Somehow Sujo hasn’t blown up yet (although his recent collab with Sun Hammer seems to be doing pretty well) but hopefully this new LP on Fedora Corpse will change that. Kahane is Sujo’s most clear vision to date, finding a stupendous midpoint between bleak blackened noise geeks Locrian and Jesu’s near-patented metalgazing. This is fucking outstanding work, insanely lush, sweet melodies eclipsed by crushing chaos, grim static capable of summoning the darkest demons, pink drones blissing out in the clouds, crumbling walls of destructive industrial noise, a swarm of stuttering percussion like Pyramids on broken stilts, absolutely massive, beautifully triumphant, & fucking devastating. This is screaming at you to let it melt your hi-fi. Don’t disappoint.

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