Zurvan – Chapter IV (Rubber City Noise, 2012)

December 3, 2012

ZurvanBones Like The Mountains (Rubber City Noise)

I’m always psyched for some new Zurvan material. And Chapter IV is about an hour long, so there’s plenty of goodness to dive into. These two dudes really know how to bring the darkness. They craft a super minimal monochrome drone here, so quiet & subtle that the instruments are indistinguishable, a meditative fog seeping through your thoughts, neither dense nor massive but undeniably invasive, wrapping your soul in death’s shroud, a smoke & mirrors magik that scrapes your inner skull, bending light in transdimensional travel while galaxies evolve into black holes and time stands still, sounding like a motionless river of sacrificial blood, cloaking everything in nothing. Truly awesome work from these guys, definitely not something to skip out on.

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