You’re All The Fucking Best: Anti-Gravity Bunny 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

February 20, 2013

5 years ago today, Anti-Gravity Bunny debuted. Since then, I’ve discovered & befriended more insanely talented artists than I even knew existed. These 16 were kind enough to contribute an original piece of music for this celebratory compilation. The artists here span the full 5 years, from my first nerdy drone obsession with Ophibre to 2012’s drone record of the year champ Superstorms. Each & every track is a fucking triumph. If there’s anyone on here you don’t recognize, I implore you to check out their catalog. These guys have literally put out the best fucking records I’ve ever heard and if they’re not sold out yet, buy ’em all.

You’re All The Fucking Best is a free digital release with exclusive & unreleased music. As is most things on AGB, this is 100% killer drones. Share it with everyone who cares about sound. If you feel like burning it to CD (or rather, two CDs) the appropriate break point is between tracks 12 and 13. Zurvan closes disc 1, High Aura’d kicks off disc 2.

The artwork up there is courtesy of my lady buy cialis in china Elise Towle Snow.

I can’t thank you all enough for making Anti-Gravity Bunny worthwhile. This is an accomplishment on every level. You’re the fucking best.

Download You’re All The Fucking Best: Anti-Gravity Bunny 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

1. Ophibre – The Crystal Dulcimer Part I
2. Andrew Weathers – Ain’t No Snow In California
3. Aquarelle – The Thread That Pulls The Hole
4. Superstorms – Balconing
5. Mike Shiflet – Mid-Winter Waltz
6. Benoît Pioulard – Pleas
7. Howard Stelzer – American Music (Part I: Over)
8. Howard Stelzer – American Music (Part II: Preserve)
9. Howard Stelzer – American Music (Part III: Where We Sleep)
10. Howard Stelzer – American Music (Part IV: Song)
11. Lawrence English – On Hold
12. Zurvan – Praevidentia
13. High Aura’d – Hodge’s Lament
14. Planning For Burial – In The Water That Washes Onto the Shore
15. Millipede – Lost Izalith
16. Brendan Murray – My Jam Back In The Day Was Justin Snow For President
17. Brandon Nickell – Shalimar’s Master Is A Scorpion
18. Nicholas Szczepanik – What Remains Of The River
19. Kyle Bobby Dunn – Psaume De Peut-Être

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7 comments on “You’re All The Fucking Best: Anti-Gravity Bunny 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

  1. Björn Feb 20, 2013

    This is fantastic, thank you very much!
    Happy anniversary!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Justin. I hope you have a fun birthday!

  3. Mercury Feb 21, 2013

    I am so pleased to see Aquarelle and Superstorms here.
    Aquarelle’s opus of a track entitled: “Genesis” is surly a excellent choice for anyone who seeks to visit the golden Fountains of Power available to all men who seek to behold them in ernest.
    Superstorms demands that you give yourself over entirely. This is hard to do with so brutal an album, and trusting an musician to take you places is the greatest compliment one can pay. I hesitated to do so at first, but I am glad I gave in to Superstoems.
    I speak here of previous works, I have not heard this release, but I felt some praise was due them.
    Thank you for the album!

  4. nancy Feb 21, 2013

    thanks ! that was nice of you !

  5. Ronny Nibletts Feb 23, 2013

    Thank you for this and best of luck fro the next five years!


  7. Amazing end of year list led me to this, thanks so much for all yr efforts – feel very much in a wolf tone akin to you!