Total Life – Bender/Drifter (Debacle, 2013)

March 13, 2013

Total Life – Bender (Debacle)

Total fucking perfection right here. Growing’s Kevin Doria has stepped back up to the Total Life plate now that Growing is on a hiatus of sorts, bringing a minimalism too rarely seen these days. This is drone lovers’ drone, a pulsing electronic raga sounding like Dan Friel if he studied under Pandit Pran Nath, like watching a monk meditate in a strobe light, taking a few tones and pushing them until they smear together, indistinguishable from everything else, until you see the light shine through and forms appear, not because it’s fucking with your mind (although it does that, too) but because it’s an organic shapeshifter, solid becomes liquid, a visceral hypnosis, you wake up at the end of the record with no memory of time passing and hoping these sounds will lead you to enlightenment. So glad Doria is back with this project. As far as I know, he’s got at least two more records coming out this year, including a split on Important with Deceh (which is a match made in heaven) so looks like we’re in for some more awesome fucking drone in the near future. Get psyched.

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